Films that never materialized?

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    What's Goin On[The Marvin Gaye Story]1974 with Phil Morris..never saw the light of day.
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    1970 general release. Gig Young got a Supporting Actor nod("Yowza!Yowza!Yowza!"), Jane Fonda' star rose considerably,leading to Klute and the Best Actress Oscar.Note to anyone interested-This is one of the most depressing American films ever made. It ain't a revisit to the Busby Berkeley days.Revisiting the Great Depression while 2020 goes on,a lesson to be learned. Don't stop till you drop.
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    Black Water Transit

    Filmed in its entirety, tied up in legal issues.

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    Yes, I believe your correct. It was a very sad, depressing film. A lot of films during that era were similar in nature. It was a very rebellious time. Many young people felt thus type of movie revealed hidden truths about the world.

    A similar style movie was “Midnight Cowboy” with Hoffman. Very, very sad film about a small time street hustler and a male prostitute. Try to get that one made today.

    There was a feeling those type of thinking statement films needed to be made. Thinking of the movie “Mash” with Donald Southerland. I think they prob made money because of the type of movie goers. Young adults with a lot of doubt concerning the direction the world was heading. It was considered cool to at least think about these things.

    A little later came “Serpico” with Al Pacino in the mid 70’s about an honest NY City police officer. By then, things were running down. It was felt most those who found it fashionable to appear rebellious or concerned bout society’s direction had, as the saying went, sold out. Like that song by “The Who”, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with the line, “Here’s to the new boss same as the old boss. But I won’t get fooled again”.

    There were several R&R songs and prob movies about the failure of the feeling, we can change things era. I can’t think of any right now.
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    Stranger In A Strange Land.

    David Bowie

    Frank Sinatra biopic (David Bowie as FS)

    Frank, said no.
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    There have been many books written about Vince Lombardi. There was even a Broadway play created based on his life. With that there was at least one film that actually got produced.

    But back in 1968, Jerry Kramer and Dick Schaap wrote the book, “Instant Replay — The Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer.” The book focused on the famed head coach of the 1960s Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. Kramer has worked to get the book made into a film, repeatedly running into dead ends.


    Based on Jerry Kramer's book, some time in the 2000s, ESPN planned the motion picture, “Lombardi,” with Robert De Niro to play Vince Lombardi. A lot of preliminary work was completed and it was slated to be released in early 2012.

    Never heard any explanation why the project was cancelled.

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    When Richard Lester developed his version of The Three Musketeers his original intent was for it to star The Beatles.

    As someone who read Sgt. Rock in the 1960's, the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Rock was ridiculous. I guess he could play a big tough guy--but that voice!

    Rock with an Austrian accent would have been awful. I can only imagine the hoops that an invented back story to explain that would have jumped through.

    Someone mentioned Doc Savage. Saw that when it came out, and thought it was awful. Weird when you see a film that was set up to introduce a series/franchise that never went anywhere:

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.

    The Shadow

    The Phantom

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
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    A Kevin Costner/Kylie Minogue vehicle where he fleas police after an armed robbery and takes her hostage

    Toxic Kisses. A guy's in debt to the mob so he robs a store, kidnaps a girl and takes a train to Western Australia. Supposed to have starred Doc Neeson of The Angels.
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    Sequels to L.A. Confidential and Devil In A Blue Dress. I think EZ Rollins could have been a major franchise for Denzel. smh
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    Frankie said, relax
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    Years ago whenFreddy Vs. Jason came out I remember hearing that New Line wanted to do a Freddy Krueger prequel movie and that Robert Englund was very interested.
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    With John Facenda's passing in 1984(original voice of NFL Films),no way they could make a trailer without John extending Lombardi's name to "L O M B A R R R D I". Pre- NFL Film era,Facenda did lots of spots for Sears & Roebuck-especially during the Roebuck Days. It was quipped that Facenda could take the monosyllable "Sears" and stretched it to ten syllables: SEEEAARRRS.
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    Like the voice of God.
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    Any of the films that were supposed to be done about Keith Moon.
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    Like? Is/Was. Fun fact-Facenda,a devout Roman Catholic(a member of the parish I grew up in and sometimes John & my Pop did collections at early Mass), narrated the story of the Nativity put out with a deluxe illustrated booklet the size of the LP. The package was eventually distributed by RCA. Basically Facenda was narrating the story of his Kid's birth.(No offense,it's a joke.) Those interested in Facenda in a light vein-Google Joe Conklin,a Philly stand-up & radio personality, whodoes a fun impression of Facenda. John's news signoff:"Have a nice night tonight and a good day tomorrow.Good night,all."
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    Any Janis Joplin biopic. Melissa Etheridge or P!nk were apparently attached at one point. Both probably played JJ songs in concert. When I saw James Brown soon before he died he said his (common law?) wife/backup singer/(hairdresser?)/widow was to play Joplin in a movie - I knew it was a stage banter lie, but not sure if she knew or not.

    Jodorowsky's Dune Blu-ray Release Date July 8, 2014
    I enjoyed this documentary.
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    Years ago my wife and I saw a band open for Elvis Costello, and I couldn't get over how the drummer incorporated the style of Keith Moon into their performance. I said that night that when the Keith Moon biopic got made, that this was the guy who should double whenever they show the actor portraying Keith playing the drums.

    The next day when I got online and looked up the band--Phantom Planet--I found out the drummer was an actor... Jason Schwartzman! At the time Mike Myers was kicking around a Keith Moon film, but I'm convinced that Jason would have been perfect.
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    Didn’t know he was a musician.
    Has he played on any albums... Aimee Mann etc ?
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    The Rolling Stones- Only Lovers Left Alive
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    Doc Savage.
    Dwayne Johnson.

    Supposedly Shane Black directing.

    He’s not anything out since The Predator bomb..+ bad publicity.
  21. I’d like to see this. Michael Anderson’s film is a campy mess.
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    A remake of Yellow Submarine in the animation style of A Christmas Carol (starring Jim Carey).
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    What’s Shane Black up to. Enjoyed The Predator ( not perfect, but it had good bits)?
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