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Films that never materialized?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by alexpop, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Senior Member

    James Cameron - Spiderman. Excellent video that chronicles a lot of the problems in getting Spider Man to the big screen.

  2. Duke Fame

    Duke Fame Sold out the Enormodome

    Tampa, FL
    Why? How far along was the project?

    I always thought Jack Black would've been great in the role, especially if the movie had been done 15 years ago.
  3. Jord

    Jord Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    At one there were plans for a Marx Brothers movie based on a Salvador Dali screenplay called Giraffes on horseback salad.

    This one didn't get made but it did materialize a few years back in visual novel form.

    Highly recommended for Marx Brothers/Dali fans as the artists captured the Marx Brothers' humor as well as Dali's surrealistic style. Some of the pages are simply spectaculair to see. They even recorded a soundtrack to this novel with the amazing Frank Ferrante reprising his Groucho role.
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  4. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

    Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5. Fox was so dumb for not exploring this further.
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  5. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    I don't know if it's been mentioned here already, probably has, but Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4, of course. Storyboards exist of Spider-Man bringing in Mysterio to the police station (the rumor went that Bruce Campbell was going to be revealed as the villain as BC had a different cameo in all three proceeding films). Sony really screwed up letting Raimi get away from the franchise.

    Based on what I've seen of Cameron's "scripment", I'm glad it took another 8 years and Raimi did it instead. Cameron seemed to take too many weird liberties with the source material.
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  6. lastjedi

    lastjedi Well-Known Member

    a new version of yellow submarine with robert zemeckis the back to the future director was supposed to happen but never did.disney was going to use the profits from that mom mars movies but that movie was such a failure they pulled the plug on the yellow submarine reboot.
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  7. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    The Grateful Dead bought the rights to Kurt Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan," but it was never made. I had a copy of the script -- book adapted by Jerry Garcia.
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  8. Jord

    Jord Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    That could have been great. Was very curious to see how that one panned out. Such a shame. Ironically, Disney is now the distributing the new Get Back documentary.
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  9. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident

    I know at one time in the early '90s, there was talk of doing a "Planet of the Apes" movie to be directed by Oliver Stone and, IIRC, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  10. jason88cubs

    jason88cubs Forum Resident

    When a stranger calls 2 and disturbia 2
  11. SmallDarkCloud

    SmallDarkCloud Forum Resident

    I've seen concept art for this one, possibly in an issue of Mojo. It was a series of 3-dimensional character models for the Blue Meanies. It looked great, but not terribly different than the animation from the 1968 movie.
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  12. Avenging Robot

    Avenging Robot Senior Member

    At the time, hearing that James Cameron was going to direct Spider-Man seemed liked the greatest thing since sliced bread. Years later, after hearing about the proposed script, I'm so glad it never happened.
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  13. JozefK

    JozefK Forum Resident

    Pre-production poster for a Paul Muni vehicle, a biopic of Rasputin. The Holy Devil was never made.

  14. What did you think,of the film version with Timothy Bottoms.
  15. JozefK

    JozefK Forum Resident

    Not much. Trumbo was no director.

    I really like the radio version w/Jimmy Cagney.

    I wonder if a script for the Holden version exists. I'm fascinated by the idea that Paramount felt a film about a deaf, dumb, and blind basket case was commercially viable in 1941.
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  16. Pete Townsend felt it was later. I have the feeling that he may have read the novel when he thought up Tommy (different plot points though)
  17. glennzo

    glennzo Forum Resident

    According to the trivia on Excalibur (1981) :

    -John Boorman had intended to make Lord of the Rings but he (or the studio) were unable to obtain the rights, so decided on Excalibur instead
    -Bryan Singer was attached to a remake of Excalibur which was stuck in "development hell" and eventually cancelled
  18. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    The biography of Peter Grant with Jason Donovan playing Robert Plant
  19. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    The Silence of Dean Maitland starring Kylie Minogue.
  20. Dali also collaborated with the Disney studio on an animated short called Destino that never made it beyond a few seconds of test footage at the time. It was ultimately completed almost 60 years later in 2003 based on the surviving storyboards and illustrations.
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  21. RexKramer

    RexKramer Forum Resident

    Outside of Philly
    I just saw the release notes for an upcoming Flash Gordon (1980) 4K box set where one of the extras was called "Lost in Space: Nic Roeg's Flash Gordon"

    That led me to an article in Empire where it has quite the history before it was finally made. George Lucas approached King Features in the early 70's but was told Fellini was planning to make it. Dino De Laurentiis had the rights and had worked with Fellini prior. Fellini was a huge fan in his younger days, until the comic was banned during the war. When he eventually passed, Dino asked Roeg to take a swing. He had a erotic, biblical take on it which after a year of development sent the budget into uncomfortable territory. It ended up in Mike Hodges' lap, and the rest is history.

    The article, with more details about the history of the project and casting, is here:

    Gordon's alive! The untold story of Flash Gordon

  22. mcnpauls

    mcnpauls Forum Resident

    Boorman's studio did have the rights to "Lord of the Rings" and had spent ISTR over million dollars between acquiring them and paying Boorman and his later "Excalibur" co-writer Rospo Pallenberg to develop the project (a script plus plans for filming).

    It was going to be a 3 hour single film, with lots of departures from Tolkien, but was cancelled because United Artists couldn't fund it at the time. Boorman tried to persuade Disney to make it, but they passed on it.

    Alternative Universe Movies: John Boorman's Lord of the Rings - Tested.com
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  23. Beamish13

    Beamish13 Forum Resident

    Yes. It was based on a pitch made by Adam Rifkin in 1988.
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  24. Beamish13

    Beamish13 Forum Resident

    Boorman and Neil Jordan wrote a script called Broken Dreams that River Phoenix would’ve begun filming several months after he died. Both Boorman and Jordan have separately tried to launch it as directorial projects, and I’d love to read it. I think Boorman effectively retired after his last film, Queen & Country.
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  25. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

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