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Films where they got exactly the right actor

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Sordel, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
    Peter Falk was great in Wings of Desire.

    We have a comparison - Dennis Frantz (of NYPD Blue) in the US remake City of Angels. He didn't play himself and had a much reduced part, but just not the same impact - even though it was meant to be a small role anyway in both films.
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  2. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
    I would not pay to see that movie. Hanks was perfect.
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  3. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
    Gene Hackman in [any damn movie he's been in]. Perfectly cast.

    I could say similar for Henry Fonda, but I'll go with "Fort Apache".
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  4. fspringer

    fspringer Forum Resident

    New York City
  5. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Personal Survival Daily Record-Breaker

    I won't ask you how you're so familiar with the size of J.J. Watt's appendage. ;)
  6. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

    Marple, PA, USA
    When the Coens cast Cage in Raising Arizona. His natural goofiness and limited Acting abilities fit the part perfectly. It was like he was trying, but yet everything he did was just off.
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  7. MekkaGodzilla

    MekkaGodzilla Forum Resident

    Westerville, Ohio
    Hey! They don't call it "Fantasy Football" for nuthin'!
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  8. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Personal Survival Daily Record-Breaker

    No, the original FG was not a likable character. He's far from a gentle giant and is also a racist.

    For the ones who want darker/rougher edges, there's always Sling Blade.
  9. Steel City Soul

    Steel City Soul Senior Member

    I see a lot of similarities in his earlier lawyer character in A Few Good Men, which was released the year before The Firm. Cruise really had a knack for the those roles in the 90s. I think Cruise was perfectly cast in those types of attorney/agent 90s films - A Few Good Men, The Firm, Jerry Maguire. He had the knack of quick sarcastic or dry humor, youthful looking appearance, very good at short intense, passionate and dramatic scenes.
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  10. Raunchnroll

    Raunchnroll Senior Member

    Films and a TV mini series with Richard Farnsworth. He literally walked straight out of the 1890's. One of my all time favorite actors.
  11. SomeCallMeTim

    SomeCallMeTim Forum Resident

    Rockville, CT
    Brad Renfro in "Apt Pupil". Not that he doesn't shine in everything he's in, but his descent from quirky suburban teenager to outright sadist is terrifying and all too believable...and he was just sixteen at the time! I remember thinking that this young actor was destined for great things...
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  12. I'm in Canada too.
    We had some relatives from Jamaica come visit us a few summers ago. Before they came they asked us if they should buy some 'winter ' clothes ' for their stay.
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  13. " That 's Montgomery Clift , honey !"
  14. spencer1

    spencer1 Great Western Forum Resident

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
  15. I take it you enjoyed ' Unforgiven'
    So did I . The last great western.
  16. I know that scene you're referring to. What's funny about is both of the guys are bundled up like it's 40 below zero but there's water puddles visible.
  17. O Don Piano

    O Don Piano Forum Resident

    Frank Langella as justice Julius Jennings Hoffman in Netflix's "Chicago Seven" movie.
    I absolutely HATED that character! Real life potrayal, too- apparently!
    He did a great job.
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  18. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Midlands, UK
    I loved The Trial of the Chicago 7, but - reading between the lines - the real-life judge had every reason to be furious with the defence: the actual antics of the defendants and defence attorney were quite a bit more extensive compared with how they were depicted in the film.
  19. Basically any movie where the casting was perfect, one could pick the actor (or actress)

    How about Piper Laurie in her supporting role in The Hustler?
    Or say, Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.
    There's TONS.

    My favorite:
    Jo Van Fleet as Ella Garth in Wild River.
    No one in any other film has a performance that tops that one for me.
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  20. Steel City Soul

    Steel City Soul Senior Member

    No love for Open Range? I saw a lot of parallels between the Costner and Eastwood characters, and I really enjoyed the storyline.
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  21. Yawndave

    Yawndave Forum Resident

    Santa Clara CA
    Burt Lancaster and Nick Cravat were the perfect pair as Captain Vallo and his trusty first mate Ojo in The Crimson Pirate.

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  22. Juan Matus

    Juan Matus Reformed Audiophile

    Bruce Campbell in all the Evil Dead stuff.
  23. Andrew “Scorpio” Robinson asks, “How did he manage it?!”
  24. rikki nadir

    rikki nadir Gentleman Thug

    London, UK
    In Tombstone:

    Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp
    Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday
    Michael Biehn as Johnny Ringo

    I am biased because I just love the movie, but in particular Michael Biehn is astounding as Johnny Ringo. If you only know him as the slightly-dull-but-worthy hero character type in The Terminator and Aliens, in Tombstone he plays this complex, educated, perhaps psychopathic, possibly murderous figure.


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  25. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    How do you keep your igloo from melting in the summer??? :cheers:

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