Films where they got exactly the right actor

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    I was going to suggest that Heat was about the last time Pacino kept his performance reasonably under control. But, yeah, there was some hamming it up in that one, too.
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    It's the signature role of his life. But I thought Brian Cox was quite effective as Lecter in Manhunter (1986). Definitely underplays the character (by comparison).
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    Lon Chaney in Phantom of the Opera (1926)
    Gary Cooper in The Virginian (1929).
    Peter Lorre in M (1930).
    Marlene Dietrich in Morocco, Dishonored, Blonde Venus, Shanghai Express, The Devil Is a Woman, Scarlet Empress.
    Charles Laughton in Island of Lost Souls (1931).
    Boris Karloff in Frankenstein (1931), The Mummy (1932) and The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932).
    Bela Lugosi in Dracula (1931), Murders In the Rue Morgue (1932) and White Zombie (1932).
    Fay Wray in Doctor X (1932), Mystery of the Wax Museum, The Most Dangerous Game and King Kong (1933).
    James Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
    Errol Flynn in Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk.
    Bogart in Casablanca, High Sierra, The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Key Largo, The African Queen.
    Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947).
    Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing and Jeremy Brett in their respective Sherlock Holmes films and TV programs.
    John Wayne in Stagecoach (1939) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) The Searchers (1956) True Grit (1969) The Cowboys (1972).
    Sean Connery, Lois Maxwell, Bernard Lee and Eunice Gayson in Dr. No (1962).
    Charlton Heston in El Cid (1961) and Planet of the Apes (1968)
    Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting in Romeo & Juliet (1968).
    Mia Farrow and Ruth Gordon in Rosemary's Baby (1968).
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    Alan Rickman as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies.
  5. Funny because Harvey Keitel was first cast the. Fired during early days shooting. Sheen was great.

    I liked her in Klute.

    I would add High Jackson in The Prestige.
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    I'm with you on these. (Many of the others I haven't seen, or it's been too long to remember clearly.)
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    They tried to revive the Candyman magic by casting him in a sinister role in Final Destination, but it came off as hokey. I blame the writing and direction. I thought the movie had an intriguing premise, but it's not a very good film.
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    Can't agree with that one. The performance worked because it was very hammy and Lecter is meant to be a psychopath, but Hopkins is such a great actor that it just wastes him. Moreover we've seen two other actors in the role and they both brought other virtues to it.

    My favourite performance from Hopkins is actually the rather low-ley character he plays in Meet Joe Black, but I think his “perfect” role was in The Remains Of The Day where he gives such a convincing depiction of repressed feeling. I haven't seen Magic for decades, but that one's been suggested and is also still on the table.
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    Robert Duvall as Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove.

    Geena Davis in The Accidental Tourist.
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    Olivia Newton John as a store mannequin in A Mom For Christmas.
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    Not a film, but I always thought that Andy Sipowitz/Dennis Franz on NYPD Blue was an absolutely perfect typecast. I don't know of any other actor who had that precise mix of good/bad corrupt/not-corrupt.

    I also agree about Rickman/Snape on Harry Potter, but also he did a really good job on Galaxy Quest as the cynical typecast actor. His way of behaving on Galaxy Quest was spot-on, ALMOST like the real Bill Shatner in some ways.
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    I read somewhere that they cut scenes that showed the character was high on coke for the whole movie. Without that context it does look like an OTT performance compared to De Niro's' perfectly understated characterization of Neil.
  14. Great !
    There's a scene in that movie where he and another man are attacked by some Indians and McCrae gets an arrow shot into his leg. It has to be pulled out but it won't budge so McCrae tells the other guy to push it through the leg.
    The look of agony on Duvall's face is so convincing you'd think it was really happening.
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    everything i've seen todd in he was great
  16. Gregory Peck The Omen. He sold that movie and David Warner was perfect as well. Heck, the casting was perfect. The Shout boxed set is now only $36 you get a new 4KRestoration (albeit at regular Blu-Ray quality). The second and third films are decent as well. The fourth is a nightmare and not on a good sense.
  17. Jackman. D0n’t know why Jackson showed up.
  18. Strat-Mangler

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    Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets.
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    I just caught "The Mask" earlier today, and I have to say, NO ONE could have done that role
    the way Jim Carrey pulled it off. I'm guessing it was written with him in mind, but it
    really is remarkable what he did with it. One of the most physical performances he's ever
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    Point Break (Patrick Swayze)
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    And I agree regarding DeNiro.
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    I would've have guessed it was written expressly for Carrey. But if Wikipedia's account is correct, the script was written around 1990-1991 (initially based on a comic), and then went into development hell for several years until it was produced and released in 1994. Carrey was making a name for himself on the TV sketch show In Living Color during the period 1990-1994. The Mask was his first significant film role. (Unless you count Once Bitten from 1985, where he did have the lead role.) So I think it's fair to conclude The Mask was not written as a star vehicle for Carrey, but then he owned the role.

    The Mask (1994 film) - Wikipedia
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    Oh just this guy....

  24. Instant Dharma

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    Kevin Pollock

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  25. He certainly showed us a well rounded character.
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