Final upgrades for now...

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Firehead, Oct 11, 2018.

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    So I've been on the fence regarding a new TT. I had in mind the Mofi Studio deck and the Rega Planar 3 for a long time. I went with the Planar 3 in red and I love it. I upgraded from the Uturn custom TT. I installed a Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge without any issues. While I was upgrading I went ahead and ordered a pair of the Q Acoustics 3050I towers. They have very good reviews online and a growing reputation. They are a really a step up from the Onkyo floor speakers I was using before. All in all I am amaze at how much better the music sounds. Well definition in instruments and vocals. I am ruining the TT into the Mofi studio preamp and I believe this is also giving me more detail. I still am using my Onkyo a-9010 integrated amp at the moment. I am very happy with my final purchase and will keep the TT stock for a while before I plunge into the Rega aftermarket mods.
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    Unless you plan on keeping the RP3 for many years, suggest that your don't spend money doing those upgrades. Don't get me wrong, they are nice upgrades and they will all take the RP3 to the next level.


    You will end up sinking a lot of money into a TT that you will never get your money back out of. At the end of the day, you will have made yourself an expensive RP3, but it will still be a RP3, a very expensive RP3.

    There is now a new P6 out. It replaces the now older RP6, which is a nice TT. This is what I have. Save your money and when you are ready to U/G, the RP3 that you are very satisfied with and buy yourself a pre-loved RP6. You will continue to be happy, even happier, plus you will have saved some money.

    Glad, that you are happy with your system, enjoy.
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  3. Helom

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    Congrats! Those 3050s look very nice Good choice.
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  4. Firehead

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    I am thinking of keeping this TT for at least ten years or seven. My main TT that I was is a VPI. And I will only get that when I have a house of my own instead of my current renting situation. Thank you for the feedback I much appreciate it
  5. Firehead

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    Thanks! Definitely a lovely speaker. Very happy with them.
  6. SandAndGlass

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    Great! If you are really happy with it and are going to keep it forever, go ahead and treat yourself to upgrades here and there along the way.

    With the RP3, it can really respond to upgrades. I consider something to be a upgrade, not because someone spent more money on it, but because it really took something was already good and took it to another level.

    One thing to avoid. So many people spend money on "upgrades" that are not really upgrades. What they end up doing is substituting one piece of gear for a similar piece of gear. These are not upgrades, only lateral moves.

    When you spend your money always save up enough for an upgrade.

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    This is nonsense. Get a subplatter upgrade. Getting a Groovetracer is probably not worth it. But there are plenty of options for $100ish. I bought a Deepgroove off eBay with a 15% off coupon under $100 shipped. Will it be as good as a Planar 6? Probably not. It has a metal subplatter, and the Neo PSU. But, for a C-Note, you'll hear a noticeably quieter noise floor. Other options with for subplatters are the Tangospinner. I'll probably end up getting one of these. I have two Rega decks. One is a P3-2000 and the other is a P5. The Deepgroove is on the P5, but I'll probably swap it to the Tangospinner then move the Deepgroove to the P3. Getting rid of the plastic subplatter is worth the upgrade and you'll likely put off any further upgrades for a long time.
  8. Dougr33

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    No, it wasn't.
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  9. SoundDoctor

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    I have a P3 with Elys 2 cart and it's fantastic!
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  10. SandAndGlass

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    There is currently a subplatter on the Equipment For Sale Forum. I don't know whether it would fit the RP3 or not.

    Even with the RP6, the stock Rega sub-platter is a half plastic embarrassing POS. I have a Groovetracer in it's place and I have the white belt.

    Even with the RP6, upgrades are important, but I would rather put money upgrading an RP6 than an RP3. Just my take on things.

    Audio first and foremost is a hobby and therapy for me. As a hobby, I understand that I am going to put money into my system. But, at the same time, I like to minimize my loss on my gear, if I need to trade out of it. With that in mind, I see RP3's that have been excellently upgraded on the For Sale forum from time to time. Usually making an upwards move or getting out of vinyl.

    It pays to buy used gear from your other forum members, not eBay and not new, if you can avoid doing so. Having patience helps!

    Your post is #7, you might have taken an opportunity to read my follow up post #6 after I had a reply from the OP.

    You might have saved some wear on your keyboard and the egg on your face. :o
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    Or he could get a P6 and get an aluminum sub platter standard Throw in the Tancast8 plinth and Neo power supply and you are set. The upgrade for the P6 is called the P8
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  12. SandAndGlass

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    I get the impression from the OP's original post that he is happy and satisfied, hence the title to his thread

    Final upgrades for now...

    The last words in the OP's thread opening paragraph

    "I am very happy with my final purchase and will keep the TT stock for a while before I plunge into the Rega aftermarket mods."

    "The P6 power supply dubbed Neo is a cut down version of the one created for the mighty RP10 and undoubtedly a major factor in the resolving powers of this turntable. It brings electronic speed switching and the ability to fine tune RPM which is a rare feature on Rega turntables."

    I get the distinct impression that like many of us, the OP is on a budget, which would be why he bought the RP3 in the first place.
  13. swvahokie

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    I bought a 2016 P3 myself and was looking at a Groovetracer sub platter and the Neo power supply That was $675 in upgrades and the P6 still had a far superior plinth and main platter. My dealers made me a generous trade in offer and I have been a P6 owner since May. I would not go from a stock P3 to a rp6 and then mod. There is just too large a difference between the foam plinth models and the rest of Regas line
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  14. Final upgrades for now....
  15. swvahokie

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    So true
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  16. Firehead

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    yes for now i'm good y'all hahaha. I do appreciate all the feedback.
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    Anagram for "final upgrade":

    A plan figured... ;)


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