Fisher Kx-200 Vintage tube amp

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by AlmanacZinger, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Fellow forumites, am selling my favorite piece of gear in my rig (I've moved this onto e-bay. If interested in the original price PM me).

    ebay listing: Fisher KX-200 Vintage tube amp (With banana plug adapters and cables) | eBay

    This thing is a beaut, but I'll be abroad for work for the forseeable future and before I do I'm moving back to Florida over the summer while I wait for my job to start.

    I thought about keeping it storage but I don't know how long I'll be gone and the floods in Florida a couple years back has me second guessing how safe storage would be there. So I'd rather it go to someone who appreciates and will use it.

    The unit is clean. No rust, etc. It's been serviced. I think it may need a tube change. I was getting a very slight buzz for a minute but I re-biased it and it went away. I have banana plug adapters and manuals for it too.

    The on/off works fine, but I've been using a power strip to turn the unit on and off to avoid burn out. Will throw that in free.

    If interested I'll direct to members for 600 plus shipping (I'll be shipping from Brooklyn, NY for the next month). I'll post in the classified for a bit before going third party seller.

    I have pictures but not sure how to upload here (only ever linked from the internet). Can send via e-mail. Thanks for looking.

    If you're local, feel free to come by and check it out and the look at the other gear I'll be selling (among others: Ascend Sierra 1s two-way bamboo cabinet speakers ($600. US) and adjustable speaker stands ($40. US).

    Kx-200 Service details:
    Serviced. power supply rebuilt along with replacing necessary caps. .10 ohm resister installed on power tube to act like a fuse if a tube shorts out protecting the transformers. bias resister change from 330 ohm to 150 ohm . This keeps power tubes from running hot. slow start current limiter brass caps.Sylvania power tubes installed with all 12ax7 tubes made by telefunken which where checked for strength leaks and shorts.
  2. AlmanacZinger

    AlmanacZinger Zingin' Thread Starter

    Item has been sold.
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