Flaming Lips: Soft Bulletin Live with the Colorado Symphony

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jimhb, Dec 3, 2019.

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    Denver, CO, USA
    Hi everyone,

    I just picked up the recent Flaming Lips live show with the Colorado Symphony. In case you were wondering, the lp is cut by Chris Bellman. My pressing is centered and flat, but has a tiny bit of surface noise in a couple of spaces, but on the whole I think It sounds really good and I love how the Symphony was incorporated into the album.

    I was at both the CO Symphony shows (Red Rocks and Boettcher Concert Hall) . All I can say is this recording sounds better than it did live (at least for the Red Rocks show.) It made me wonder how much of it is really live. I wonder if the indoor show this past year was done to rerecord some of the material.

    I would have liked it if there weren't fades after each song, but oh well.

    Highly recommended.

    Here is an article about the shows and release:

    The Flaming Lips’ new album with the Colorado Symphony is a stocking-stuffer straight from Red Rocks
  2. rancher

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    Great album, not into symphony and strings with rock music though ... but love the Flaming Lips in general
  3. Kate_C.

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    CD just arrived in the post. SB is such a lush, complex album that orchestral collaboration seems intuitively symbiotic. Would love to see Yoshimi and Mystics receive the same treatment.
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    I think the Boettcher show (which I did not attend) was most definitely done to give the band some alternatives to the recording at Red Rocks (which I did attend). Wayne at least alluded to that at the time - possibly to the Post, I don't recall.

    I thought things sounded pretty good at Red Rocks, all things considered - orchestra, choir, band, mediocre weather...which is to say that by any typical standard the sound wasn't all that good. :laugh:

    Still, loved the show and am looking forward to getting the CD (on the way).
  5. FrixFrixFrix

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    Parts Unknown
    Been wondering the same thing myself. I was at the show this year, but didn't move to Denver until a couple months after the Red Rocks show.
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    Where's that Clouds Taste Metallic live album Wayne promised a few years back?

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