Fleetwood Mac albums (post-Peter Green 70-74)

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    Er, Hellbound Train?
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    I didn't know he was on Hellbound Train. Another item to add to my shopping list. Thanks!
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    Both shows are on youtube in full, as well as those grey area European "radio broadcast" CDs. ;):shh:
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    Thank you for mentioning "Prove Your Love," which is a really unheralded gem. Forgive me if I get florid: the reverb and double tracking on McVie's voice conjure an image of a spirit floating in a tall wood, even as the lyrics suggest some task of ardor beyond mere knights errant. I also really like how this works in sequence after "Silver Heels," a boy's adventure of a more modern sort.
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    I think "Keep On Going" from Mystery To Me could have been a hit if Reprise would have released it as a single and actually promoted it properly. Bob wrote it but had Christine sing it. It has a terrific proto-disco feel to it (in a GOOD way) and Chris's vocal is terrific. And what I once thought was great bass work on it from John is actually Welch playing bass...and playing it very well.
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    The lyrics for "Dragonfly" is from a poem by Welsh writer W. H. Davies, music and vocals by Danny. For "Purple Dancer" he shares credits with John and Mick, he's singing lead, not sure who else is on this single besides the three of them...? "Dragonfly" is my favourite song from this whole period.
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    THIS is why I'm a Christine fan! :love:

    Bob Weston was a GREAT talent! I never really knew that. Gotta re-listen to Mystery To Me.
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    I have the Record Plant set and Bob Hunt is on keyboard and synths making Fleetwood Mac a five piece. I wonder how things might've been had they done an album with him and Welch.

    It took awhile for Kiln House to grow on me but I love it now. There was a set titled Madison Blues of live and demo stuff from this time that had some killer Christine tunes and a great Station Man. I think One Together is my fave off Kiln House, written by Jeremy and involving the entire band which sometimes wasn't always the case to this point. The cover art by Chris alone is almost worth having this one for.

    Add non-LP single Dragonfly b/w Purple Dancer and Kiln House is one of the best mini-eras.

    Future Games is to me their mellow prog album with more stretched out pieces, the two longer ones by Danny are the anchor along with Bob Welch's title composition. Christine, now a full fledged member, closes with Show Me A Smile.

    Bare Trees is more melancholy than mellow, starting with John McVie's photos. Chris' Homeward Bound is prophetic of her discomfort with traveling a lot, but Danny's arrangement of the eulogic poem Dust to music accompanied by Chris is the standout.

    Penguin, now with added Bob Weston and Dave Walker holds some lovely treasures like Did You Ever Love Me, a co- Bob W and Chris written number with a lot of Bob Weston. Really gorgeous! Gorgeous in a more gritty blues way is Dave Walker's The Derelict, it may've been a total cock-up him joining, but at least one great recording came out of it.

    Mystery To Me probably would've been the big commercial breakthrough had the band not cracked up on the road supporting it thanks to Weston dallying with Mick's old lady Jenny Boyd, and then the manager tried to pull a fast one with a fake Mac to fulfil contractual obligations. Bloody mess resulting in three Brits moving to the States to fight the redcoat claiming their name! I think Why is the pick of the litter of very few runts (the For Your Love cover is one of my least favorite FM recordings in existence alongside Penguin's equally pointless I'm A Road Runner).

    Heroes Are Hard To Find is a bit harder to like I found, has a darker almost Black Sabbath vibe for me, and was the direction Bob Welch was going toward. Chris' title track is pipped at the post by the stunning Angel by Welch. Not the breakthrough album Mystery would've been and Welch bows out somewhat frustrated and burnt out of being in somebody else's group. Mick is suddenly looking for a new lead guitarist as well as scouting for a studio, the rest is history.
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  9. I just wish that Christine had been much more prolific during this period.
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  10. Chemguy

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    Not to criticize too much, but 6 albums between Then Play On and FM does not constitute a transition...it’s a solid block in a mighty career.

    Love it all!
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    Can't stand FM s/t and Rumours anymore.
    I'm playing Future Games and Bare Trees a lot more these days than those 'blockbuster' albums.
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    It should be mentioned the ethereal guitar at the end of Penguin's "Night Watch" is the man himself - Peter Green.
  13. DTK

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    Best part of the album for me. The song is meh, the guitar playing quite stunning. Peter's last recording until his first comeback in 1977-78.
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  14. DTK

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    She has in average 3 songs per albums. She wasn't more prolific in the Buck/Nicks era.
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    Jeremy Spencer and Danny both sing lead and play on Purple Dancer.
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  16. Oh I know I always want more Christine though.
  17. I think that folks are just pointing to the change in sound for the band. I don’t (or least I hope not) think fans think of it as lesser quality because of it (and yes, there are those who do often times fitting firmly into either the Green camp or Buckingham/Nicks camp- which often ignore Christine’s contribution.
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  18. To me it’s like listening to The Beatles, Stones and Eagles trifecta that dominated FM and AM radio. The material is still great just burned out on it.
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  19. The most misspelt name in Rock
    And Chris would sing Jeremy's part live with altered lyrics!
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  20. I think Daltrey, Townshend and Entwistle would argue that point about most misspelled but certainly one of them along with Danny Klein from J. geils.
  21. 99thfloor

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    "Did You Ever Love Me" is one of my favourite tracks on the album and I don't mind the steel drums at all, I think it sounds cool. FM had not been adverse to some experiemental sounds before that, so I don't see it as a big deal.

    I agree that out of these albums Penguin should be saved for last, but if one likes the other albums (especially the surrounding ones of course) it should not be neglected.

    I didn't know that about Dave being late for Penguin and songs for Mystery being written for him (or I have forgotten, as I have read Mick's autobioaphy and I guess it's in there), a big fail all around his tenure with the band then...

    And the thing, to me at least, is that Then Play On has more to do with these albums (at least the Kirwan ones) than what preceeded it, I also don't see a big break in sound from what's on Mystery and Heroes to when Buckingham/Nicks joined, to me everything from Then Play On onwards is a gradual progression.

    Thanks, that's what I always thought, and listening again now that's obviously him in the verses (and I guess he plays the slide part as well then), I for some reason got the idea just now that it was recorded after Jeremy had left. I guess Jeremy is not doing anything on "Dragonfly"?
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  22. unclefred

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    Weston brought a lot to the band and his playing, layered with Welch's makes Mystery to Me a standout album.
    The City
    Miles Away

    That really was the last of the rockin' FM.
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  23. And Rick Nielsen..His own record label got his name wrong!
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  24. Blue Cactus

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    The vinyl box set 1969-1972 is essential. Excellent mastering by Chris Bellman too.
    We just need the same kind of quality reissues for Mystery To Me, Penguin and Heroes Are Hard To Find. A RSD release perhaps?
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    I'm a big fan of all of these albums. Would love to see a box set from this period with goodies.
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