SH Spotlight Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" 45 & 33 1/3 RPM Hoffman/Gray vinyl mastering & equalization notes..

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. brownsound2112

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    What’s the point of the 45, then?
  2. supermd

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  3. rcsrich

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    I say pick up a 33 “pressed at Pallas”- I’m betting you’ll be satisfied with what you hear. :D
  4. bibijeebies

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    @Warner Music: Just repress it for the global market and get rid of the Optimal EU.
  5. meb

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    I’ve got the 33rpm Pallas already. Really do love it, just curious what I might be missing with the 45rpm. Not worth seeking it out?
  6. Leonthepro

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    There is a difference, the 45 is louder. Which is positive for avoiding surface noise a little better, but if your 33 plays quiet it doesnt matter. That is a very deceiving thing when comparing though, since many dont adjust levels and assume the 45 sounds much better when they are unfairly having it play louder.
    Your cart will also have an easier time tracking the 45, but if you have a great deck already it might not matter much at all either.

    Bottom line, they should sound near identical in a fair comparison, but if you wish to try one its not like youll waste your money on the 45, easy to resell these days.
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  7. meb

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    That’s great feedback, thanks so much for the advice!
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  8. Tony Plachy

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    In theory it seems that the 45 rpm should support a greater dynamic range in the music. Now obviously the dynamic range on the master tape is going to be the limit on the dynamic range. Since you have fewer songs on the 45 rpm disc, but have the same radius of vinyl you can certainly cut louder on the lacquer, but IF compression was required on the 33.3 rpm to get all the songs to fit, that compression should not be needed on the 45 rpm.
  9. Leonthepro

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    45RPM is objectively a superior format, it can support greater everything but as you say, it doesnt matter if:
    A - The engineers dont take advantage of it,
    B - The master tape fits on 33RPM.

    Im under the impression that most popular albums ever made fit just fine on 33, one exception being Classical music because of the potential for long runtimes, large dynamic range and amount of instruments.
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