Fleetwood Mac Rumours reissue noisy?!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tubes and Tunes, Mar 22, 2021.

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    This thread explains it. Ten years ago I bought what was supposed to be the new Steve Hoffman remaster but it didn't sound that great to me. I also noted at the time that the "Second Hand News" outro guitar solo repeated which Hoffman's was not supposed to do. Looking at it now I see I have a cover with Made in U.S.A. and a "Pressed at Pallas" sticker but a record with a Made in E.U. label and without the KPG/SH@ATM in the runoff. Buyer beware! You have to break the shrink wrap to be sure what you are getting.
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    IF this helps...

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    I just bought a Pallas for close to $50 and I open the shrink and near fainted when I saw the made in Germany label. But the KPG/SH@ATM is in the runoff and the countdown is there for Gold Dust Woman. To be honest, I'm not completely blown away by it, but it is nice. No complaints
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    You guys got clunkers. Mine is perfection.
    Whatever happened to yours isn't typical of Pallas pressings.
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    The AS product page refers to Precision, so I would guess it's this one: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours , which I picked up yesterday afternoon and sounded pretty good on my first spin this morning - nice and quiet (I don't have any other copies for comparison though).

    I had the chance to tour Precision shortly after it opened in 2016. Pretty cool to see the process up close!
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    Just to add, my 45rpm purchased 6-7 years ago has Pressed at Pallas sticker, 'Made in USA' on the back cover, but has KG & SH in the runouts of all 4 sides. Dead quiet 'perfect' pressing. Always on the short list of demos.
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    Just got mine yesterday and washed it up this morning in my spin clean and, holy hell, this is fan-freaking-tastic!
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    So, what markings should one be looking for? If the sticker doesn’t say “Pressed at Pallas”, then it’s not a Pallas press and is therefore an inferior pressing? Does it have to say “Pressed at Pallas” on the gold hype sticker or did Pallas USA press records in wrap that has both versions of said hype sticker?

    What should the back of the jacket say, including as to where it was printed/manufactured/made/etc.?
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    I have wanted this for so long and finally bit the bullet and ordered it, arrived today and it sounds fantastic.

    My only beef is the gold sticker is on the shrink wrap not the actual cover and as it’s a gatefold you cannot leave the wrap on. 1st world problems and all that!
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    Coconut speakers. Highly disrespectfiul of the Professor's efforts to bring music to the island.

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