For What It’s Worth

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pocofan, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Lownotes

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    Here's a great version, with one of the absolute BEST uses of sampling

  2. lucan_g

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    While this is true... I really can't think of a better group for a Nam soundtrack than Creedence. It pretty much seems requisite by this point, and with good reason.
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  3. jamesmaya

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    A damn great song.
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  4. John B Good

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    I don't go to movies much, so this is new to me. I was just surprised the Everlys covered For What It's Worth, but I guess that proves the point this thread is making.

    If I was asked out of the blue what song had been in a lot of movies, I would say At Last, by Etta James.
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  5. Grant

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    Great song! I always loved it. I love the title, too.
  6. MikeM

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    All the more ironic because, of course, the song has nothing to do with Viet Nam or war protests whatsoever, despite the misinformed view of so many.
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  7. elaterium

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    The same people who play Every Breath You Take at their wedding. Though Fortune Son certainly is a protest against war and the elite who get out of serving.
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  8. It is indeed everywhere. As for the other songs from his album , they are nowhere.
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  9. My wife thinks 'Every Breath ' is a beautiful 'love ' song.
  10. Zack

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    "Ooh, they send you down to war" has nothing to do with Viet Nam (or war)?

    That was kind of what was going on at the time. Listeners don't tend to do an exegesis on such lyrics.
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  11. dprokopy

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    I think a whole chapter of this hypothetical "For What It's Worth" royalty book should be devoted to how many times this song was used to represent "Vietnam" in movies and TV shows, despite the fact it had nothing to do with it.
  12. MikeM

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    I was speaking of "For What It's Worth" (which is what the post I was replying to referenced with "this song"), not "Fortunate Son."
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  13. LeBon Bush

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    This reminds me of R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" and those who think it's a love song, too. Michael Stipe once got quoted in a german newspaper saying:

    "I sang the song last night and a couple in third row lovingly looked at each other, holding hands. I just thought 'oh my god'."
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  14. elaterium

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    She obviously has never really listened to it.
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  15. My wife plays music.
    I listen to music
    She doesn't understand the difference.
  16. astro70

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    Watch to the end of the clip, this about sums it up:
  17. The Staple Singers do a good version of it with a soulful twist.
  18. RayS

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    I don't get the indignation regarding FWIW being universalized by those who didn't frequent one strip in one city at one point in time. IMO, that's a testament to the song's greatness. The song is also amazingly prescient regarding life in the US of A in 2019. Hooray for MY post! :)
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  19. William Kucharski

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    I'm proud to say that I am friends with Richie Furay, and his story regarding the title is that Stephen came in to the studio one day and told the band "I've got one more song… for what it's worth."
  20. William Kucharski

    William Kucharski Forum Resident

    The Beautiful Music version, though it gets downright peppy near the end.

  21. Gaslight

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    For what it's worth...this was the first song I thought of when I saw the thread title.
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  22. Chrome_Head

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    Don't know how this song charted when it came out, but it's pretty amazing of Stills to knock it out of the park with such an early song of his.

    I probably like his Buffalo Springfield material most of all when it comes to his work.
  23. Stone Turntable

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    So who is playing the lead electric guitar on "For What It's Worth"? I've read a lot about this song but I feel I've never pinned down a definitive answer. Wikipedia sez "The song is distinguished with the use by Neil Young of the guitar harmonics technique and sound" — for what it's worth.

    My ears definitely tell me it's Neil — there seems to be a close family resemblance between the distinctive FWIW riff and a lot of the guitar on, say Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.
  24. steve phillips

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    Kicks off one of the greatest compilation albums ever. Retrospective The Best Of
    Buffalo Springfield
  25. Tuco

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    It is similar to U2's One, which can be interpreted to be about marriage, but it's hardly a rosy song about romantic love.
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