"Ford v. Ferrari" Film staring Matt Damon and Christian Bale - due out Nov 15 2019

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  1. I watched the movie last night.
    The powers that be asked us not to give away anything, so my review will be brief.
    I have read many books on this subject, watched many different movies about the era, or specific manufacturers, or specific people. I have seen and read interviews, clips and such.
    I have had face to face personal conversations with those directly involved with the subject at hand.

    If you are interested in Ford, Ferrari, or racing history from this era, you will enjoy the movie.
    If you have historical knowledge of this era you will find faults, errors, and other little things, but none of them are so great as to ruin anything...at least in my opinion.
    There are plenty of good sights and sounds.
    The story involves Ken and his family too.

    Regardless of what you take from the movie, how you view the literal history as compared to the movie history, and what you think of the character involvement...It is an entertaining movie.
    I am glad I saw this movie, and that is not a statement I have made in a long time regarding movies in general.
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    Grand Prix and Lemans are two of my top 5 films of all time. I have a series of books that cover every Lemans race in narrative and pictures in great detail from 1949 through 1989 (I also have similar books for Formula 1 from the 50s through the 90s). I am a huge Ferrari fan and also think the Ford GTs are one of the coolest cars ever made. I have a extremely detailed 1/10 scale die cast model of one that cost several thousand dollars! I know the Ford- Ferrari story inside and out.

    I loved the trailer and am looking forward to the film. I never expect films to be totally historically accurate and if the film entertains me I have no problem overlooking that.

    Thanks for the review Cleandan.
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    Christian Bale's Birmingham accent is worse than anything heard in Peaky Blinders (and they're pretty diabolical).
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  4. I haven't been to the cinema in over a year, nothing interesting that makes me leave the comfort of my Samsung 4K-HDR set, two UHD BD players and home theater set up. I MAY go to see Terminator DF this weekend, MAY, but I'm definitely going to see this when it premieres in Spain. I like the actors, the trailer looks interesting and I really enjoy racing movies.
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    Would knowing that this film is going to play in some D-Box Motion Theaters help?
  6. No,in Spain we don't have such niceties, there's not even a single Dolby Cinema theater in the whole country.
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    That's a shame. I've never been tempted to watch a whole film in the format, but I've experienced a demo and it should be pretty cool for the racing scenes.
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  8. A Star Wars movie must be spectacular on D-Box.
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    They had a demo unit set up in the lobby of a theater I've visited, and I've seen them at the Consumer Electronics Show and it's quite cool.

    A friend of mine is a big F1 fan, and he's never been able to understand why it's never caught on big here, where racing on an oval track is huge.
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    Hollywood, USA
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  11. Well, that may be true, but it does not alter what the people running the show asked before we watched the movie.
    Nothing more to the statement than what you read. I have chosen to respect that request. Otherwise my review would be more indepth.

    On a side note, MAN were they hyper focused on any kind of recording, photos, or anything else of that nature. We got a fairly long speech about piracy and such.
    The whole time I was wondering, who in the heck would want to see a cell phone recorded version of a movie?
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  12. Didn't read this review due to 74 million pop-ups on the page.

    Keep in mind, I am not seeking a glowing review to make ME happy.
    I saw the movie. I know what I liked and did not like. I know where poetic license was used and where historically correct was used...both having merit when done well.
    But, of the reviews quoted in your reply I find them written by disconnected, uninformed, non-race oriented people...and that will have an impact on what they view and how they view it.
    For lack of a simpler explanation, it is very apparent in at least two of the reviews you posted, the reviewers just don't get it in terms of racing life and mentality.
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    Denver, CO
    Any recommendations?
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    Denver, CO
    Just downloaded Go Like Hell. Reviews: 5 stars.

    That's for the tip!

    I'm going to try not to race through it.
  15. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    Oh, well. My point is no one is stopping anybody from posting any reviews on it, because it was screened at the Telluride Film Festival back in August. The published reviews are everywhere, far in advance of its U.S. release next weekend.

    I'm always glad when a good movie gets made, gets good reviews, and makes a decent amount of money. This benefits everybody: the filmmakers, the audience, the fans, theater owners, and the studios. Nobody loses. I have no idea if the film is good or bad, but it's not a film I would go out of my way to see, because I'm overwhelmed with too many entertainment choices and too much work right now.
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  16. I too was surprised by the demands to keep things quiet.
    We did not see anything that could be called a real "first" release, first people to see or view, first people to...well, anything with this movie.
    I found it a bit odd they went to such trouble for a movie that has been reviewed already...but they did ask so I am going along with it.
    I can see this movie having a somewhat niche audience, even if that niche is pretty large and world wide due to racing, LeMans, Ferrari and such.

    I agree with your "good movie" sentiments.
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    I know just enough about the history to be excited to see this, but not enough to nitpick it.
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  18. I don't really understand your question.
    The reply to my reply has some qualifiers, first of which is my statement was made from what OTHERS had heard or read in reviews of the upcomming movie...not from those who actually saw the movie.
    Like so many things in life those reviews have proven to be suspect at best. The more of them I read the more I realize they are being written by reviewers with very little knowledge on the subject of racing, Shelby, Ford, Ferrari, or LeMans...and in this case it does matter.

    My recommendation is this. If you enjoy this kind of sport, and have a knowledge of the era, you will likely enjoy this movie.
    This movie will not change your life or your mind, but it may entertain...and for me that is good enough in some cases.
  19. This sounds like a great place to be with this movie.
    Some will nitpick things to a bitter end. I don't know why because this is not a documentary or literal account.
    This movie is a flavor of what happened, a tale, or glimpse, into the legend and lore of the spectacle.
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  20. Balthazar

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    Low expectations + cool cars + cool guys + decent acting = a good movie.

    Incidentally, this formula is how I've also been able to enjoy the Fast and the Furious franchise.
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  21. I hear you, but in the case of "This Farce Makes me Furious" I have to bow out.
    There is just way too much BS to choke down and get past for me to enjoy those movies.
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  22. Balthazar

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    :laugh: I get it. I'm as shocked as anyone that I enjoy them. Putting Gal Gadot in a bikini didn't hurt.
  23. the pope ondine

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    huh. thought this was gonna be a political movie....I guess im in anyway
  24. Burt

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    Kirkwood, MO
    The Daytona Coupe was and is a beautiful car and Shelby did a great job on it, but that wasn't a Ford effort beyond Ford supplying the engines. It's a fairly not well known fact that Shelby originally went to GM for Chevy engines and was turned down. GM felt it would compete with Corvette too much.

    Ford had a decent engine but Chevy won the hot rod war because everything on the small block Chevys interchanged whereas Ford made numerous and incompatible V8 engine families and even within the same engine family things did not interchange. Ford thus had to reinvent the wheel a lot of times in its numerous racing and high performance projects whereas GM was able to get it right once.

    Few people ever referred to <i> Il Commendatore</i> as lovable, but he was the greatest race car constructor of all time, he was able to get some truly magnificent coachwork on his cars, his light alloy foundry operation was and is world class and his designs were usually mechanically elegant.
  25. Three little Honda's, zipping down a deserted road.
    They got a hot tip, for a truck to clip, carrying a really good load.

    Little speedy cars, buzzing round a truck.
    Surely the truck driver must have thought, Hey, what the F%&@?

    Little car in front of truck and what does truck see?
    Black suited man on top, pointing a harpoon at me.

    It's a nice day, they just want to play, why should I complain?
    I'm a good truck driver....I'll just stay in my lane.

    Three littel Honda's esacpe into the night.
    Everything about the scene is completly not right.

    Later on we see the men, hanging out at night.
    Suddenly from nowhere comes an angry gang to fight.

    Black leather and tough looks, they seem kinds scary.
    Out come the machine guns and things get kind of hairy.

    A threat is thrown, to drive it home, they shoot up a cool car.
    I guess in that part of LA, sound doesn't travel very far.

    There could be more, but I won't bore, the point has been made.
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