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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by nbakid2000, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. nbakid2000

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    I was watching Red Oaks on Amazon Prime which takes place in the 80s. The soundtrack may be one of the greatest collection of 80s pop/rock ever in a TV show or movie. Can we get some more forgotten stuff listed among these lines? (see pics) Looking more specifically for the lighter rock stuff, not so much the electronic based music, such as the Bob McGilpin, Rodger Hodgson, Craig Marsden, Boz Scaggs, etc.


    Here's the playlist for those interested:

    Says the music creative director over the music used in the show:

  2. DrAftershave

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    This isn't even scratching the surface. So much stuff out there.
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  3. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s and I didn't know some of the songs on that list.:D

    Nice to see Sweet's 'Love Is Like Oxygen' though. Very underrated band who had a run of big hit singles here. I'm sure you've heard of 'Ballroom Blitz', but 'Fox On The Run', 'The Six Teens' and 'Blockbuster' are other tracks you might like by them.

    Nice to see Sheena there with 'Strut. :) 'Telefone'' (Long Distance Love Affair) is another good early 80s hit by her.
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  4. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    Another song by Roxy Music I always loved.
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  5. Beamish13

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  6. jmj190

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    Had forgotten what a fine track this is . The Pie - The Sutherland Brothers

  7. Mark B.

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