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Frank Sinatra's Capitol and Reprise recordings now under one roof

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bob F, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. frus75

    frus75 Forum Resident

    Barcelona (Spain)
    It’s such a long thread....

    The UMe version of the world we knew sounds LOUD, and to me subway and a couple of others sound distorted . Or is it just me???
  2. Pants Party

    Pants Party One Leg At A Time

    Washington, DC
    It is a very long thread indeed -- started 'bout 7 years ago. To me it's nothing more than the corporate move that killed MoFi's Sinatra program.
  3. kennyluc1

    kennyluc1 Frank Sinatra collector

    I think this is the right thread to post this. I collect Various Artist's cd's, only if it has a Sinatra track. I just received a U.K. import
    on the Kent / Ace label " The Songs of Teddy Randazzo " there is a Sinatra track .. " Rain In My Heart " which was a Reprise 45 in the 60's.
    Only 1 Sinatra track among many other artist's who had hits with his songs. I had never heard Randazzo's singing voice .. not bad
    reminds me of Franke Valli.
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  4. Bob F

    Bob F Senior Member Thread Starter

    See SFF thread: Teddy Randazzo 1935-2003 
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  5. kennyluc1

    kennyluc1 Frank Sinatra collector

    That's it. Great CD
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