"Frasier" Reboot Being Explored by Kelsey Grammer & CBS TV Studios

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MikaelaArsenault, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. joefont

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    I remember the last scene in the last episode had Frazier on a plane landing in Chicago to be with his then girlfriend. Seems like Chicago's the logical place for a reboot.
  2. Deesky

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    A huge part of the fun of the original show was that Niles was secretly in love with Daphne and the situations that would generate. It's part of the show's DNA. In the twilight of the series when Niles finally got Daphne, a big part of the show had closed off and we had plots like Daphne getting pregnant, her extended inlaws, Niles having a health scare, etc, etc, which were not the show's best developments.

    So I agree, they need to be split up, but still somehow be in each other's orbit. Maybe they got divorced after the original show and now they're on their second marriages, but when they see each after again after a long break, they secretly start to have feeling for each other again...
  3. dkmonroe

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    Ugh, that would be just a bad re-run. I hope if they bring them back, they keep them together, and find some other way to screw up their lives! Maybe they can have grown, neurotic, invisible kids of the Maris variety. :laugh:
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  4. Deesky

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    Oh gawd no! That would be a really bad idea (surry dude :)). It's like a reunion of your favorite old band - do you want them to play their classic hits or crappy new material?

    I think the best idea so far, which was mentioned way before, was to have the Crane boys run for some kind of political office. Plenty of material there for satire, farce, one-upmanship, squabbles, alliances, etc.
  5. dkmonroe

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    I think Niles and Daphne doing the old courtship thing again can only be crappy old material, it's a classic hit that can't really be played again. People will see through it.

    When I heard that Grammar was close to abandoning a new Frasier series, I really wanted to get a Twitter account just to tweet "SENATOR FRASIER CRANE" at him - but I doubt he'd ever see it! :laugh:
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    Crane Boys Mysteries!
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    Yes please!
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  8. Indeed. And in fact, one of the reasons I eventually stopped watching Frasier is that despite its higherbrow trappings it was at least as rooted in "idiot plots" as a show like Friends was.
  9. Gill-man

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    Why? Breaking them up serves no purpose.

    Reboot shouldn’t be a rehash. I know in your mind you link their pre-together days with the show’s best days and therefore think one has to do with the other. It really doesn’t. It just so happened that certain events on the show coincided with a certain place during the lifetime of the show. If they had gotten together during what you think are the show’s “prime” years, this would be a non-issue to you. Their getting together though was inevitable and probably should have happened sooner (and spared us the Donny and Mel relationships).
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  10. Deesky

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    I disagree. They extended their period of not getting together almost perfectly. I also very much liked the Donny and Mel period. Yes, it was inevitable that they would eventually end up together, and I'm glad that they did, but I feel that point would have been a natural place to end the series. However, the show was still popular, so they kept going...
  11. The Slug Man

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    I didn't go through the other 5 pages, but I'm sure someone else has mentioned it wouldn't be the same show without the dad. :cry:
  12. Peace N. Love

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    My objection to D and N together isn't just the fact that the show's best years were before they got together; it's just that I didn't enjoy their chemistry at all once they became a couple. Also, Daphne's character seemed to change a lot, moving from being this likeable, slightly batty character to a more serious, self-aware and less fun version.

    No idea what the answer would be. If it were me, I'd write her out of the show and send Niles out on some dates. He needs to have some sort of ongoing conflict though. This may be a controversial suggestion, but what if Niles were to slowly realize that relationship-wise, he's actually more aligned with the actor who plays him? But again, I think it would only work if he fought against it and still insisted on dating women. Just a thought. Might work for a couple of seasons.
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  13. GeoffC

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    Yes, and it will need a theme song... Something simple...
  14. MikaelaArsenault

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  15. Peace N. Love

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  16. MikaelaArsenault

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    New Hampshire
    But who would play Frasier's father?
  17. Peace N. Love

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    I think he said he will still be deceased. But he was resurrected once already, so who knows...
  18. Chip TRG

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    Let's hope this one doesn't come to be so we can still claim THE TORTELLIS to be the one CHEERS spin-off flop.
  19. Strat-Mangler

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    Your answer's here.

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  20. recoverydog

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  21. FourWalledWorld

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    I wouldn't be so keen on this happening (the last few seasons were uneven as it was) but if it were to happen, I think I'd prefer to see Grammer with a new cast and have the old cast just be guest stars. Almost like another chapter, similar to him leaving Boston.

    It wouldn't be "Frasier" as we know it but it would at least somewhat avoid comparisons. Maybe even a show name change (although, I realise that's unlikely).
  22. Dream On

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    Comparisons are inevitable and not necessarily bad.

    As long as it's well written and funny I'd probably prefer the old cast. They were as much a part of Frasier as Frasier was. Either way can work though.
  23. Peace N. Love

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    I'd enjoy seeing a single Frasier and a divorced Niles getting up to something. The Frasier character and KG's performance are so good that, if well-executed, there is still potential.
  24. Raylinds

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    I couldn't agree more.
  25. Dream On

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    There seem to be a lot of stories the past few days hinting Frasier will be ready to air likely in late-2020.

    Grammer comes across as very thoughtful and aware of the pitfalls, so I think they will do a good job with this reboot.
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