"Frasier" Reboot Being Explored by Kelsey Grammer & CBS TV Studios

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MikaelaArsenault, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Strat-Mangler

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    IMHO, it's unnecessary and impossible to replicate the magic that was once there.

    And personally, DHP is brilliant but no way could I see him have the energy to deliver a performance close to what he gave us through the initial run.
  2. Dream On

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    I don't think they will try to replicate it though. Well, maybe the magic, but it will be a different location, at a different point in Frasier's life, and likely with different characters around him.

    It can work, it just needs to be done well. But I'm not one of those people who will say if they screw up it'll ruin the legacy of the show or something like that. The old show still remains, and it'll be as good as it was even if they mess up a reboot.

    Also, I wasn't the biggest fan of the Niles character. Too over the top and creepy at times for me. I found him quite unlikable much of the time. That said, all the characters, including his, made the show. The Frasier/Niles dynamic is what drove most of it.
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  3. Jay_Z

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    The audience for this show is going to want the show they know by heart. So "Classic Niles" they will get.

    I don't know what more there is to do with that character, but I am not the audience for this sort of show.
  4. Klavier


    Please don't.
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  5. Balthazar

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    I love the original series but doubt this would be any good. Everything has a time, and when it's over, best to move on.
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  6. Strat-Mangler

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    So of course, you post in this thread. Makes sense.
  7. Dream On

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    There is no scientific law that states a reboot must be much worse than the original show. I think we'd all agree that generally, original songs are better than covers of those songs. But not always. It all depends on the execution.

    If this airs, I will tune in. If it stinks, I will tune out. No skin off my nose. I'd rather see them try then throw their hands up in the air and say, "there is no point, we did a successful show about Frasier twenty years ago and so this can't possibly work!"

    I guess people believe they are just going to try to recreate the original. But if you listen to Grammer, it seems likely that a lot more will be different than the same. I think all we've been told is it will follow Frasier in a new chapter of his life, in a different city and won't likely involve him being in radio. I don't even think it's a certainty that anyone from the old show, aside from Frasier, is a regular cast member. I could see guest appearances for some of the old cast but otherwise everything else would be new.

    It will be tempting for them to make it the Frasier and Niles show, as before. They can just pick up where they left off. But that is lazy and it doesn't seem where they are headed, at least to me. And maybe I'm giving the audience too much credit, but I don't think Niles is some prerequisite to people watching the show. I think they will tune in, on name recognition alone, and if they like the show they will continue to watch it. They just have to grab people like they did 25 years ago and there are hundreds of ways to accomplish that (but it all boils down to good characters, good setting, and a good script).
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  8. samurai

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    Waiting Mr. Ed and My Mother the Car reboots.

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