Freakbeat Records Sherman Oaks 15th Anniversary Sale

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by rockin_since_58, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. rockin_since_58

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    Simi Valley, CA
    Not sure what forum this should be in but wanted it to get the most visibility. This is my favorite LA area record store and their yearly anniversary sale offers some big discounts. I am not associated in anyway with Freakbeat...just a satisfied customer. Details below:

    FREAKBEAT RECORDS is proud to announce our 15th ANNIVERSARY SALE. Starting this Thursday, July 12th, and running through Monday, July 16th, EVERYTHING in the store IS ON SALE!!!
    Here's what to expect when you walk in the door:
    - 20% off all NEW vinyl, CDs, and DVDs.
    - 50% off all USED vinyl priced $9.99 or less.
    - 20% off all USED vinyl priced $10.99 or more (including all Collectibles).
    - 50% off all USED CDs and DVDs priced $6.99 or less.
    - 20% off all USED CDs and DVDs priced $7.99 of More
    - 20% off all NEW books and magazines.
    - 50% off all USED books, magazines and posters priced $9.99 or less.
    - All vinyl, CDs, and DVDs in the dollar room will be 25 CENTS!!

    We will be restocking the bins over the course of the weekend so you'll need to come back every day in order to check out the new stuff we keep putting out!!!
    We are extremely pleased to have been serving the community for 15 amazing years. We are very grateful for all of our loyal customers. Please stop by this weekend and take advantage of all the bargains!!!

    Thanks so much for doing business with us.


    Bob, Tom, Joel, Andy and Daniel
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  2. SixOClockBoos

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    Looks like I'll have to be paying my first visit to them.
  3. micksmuse

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    san diego
    an almost perfect store. and some of the nicest people in the music trade. i miss it like a full head of hair.
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  4. Brian Doherty

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    Los Angeles CA
    another nostalgic voice for what an amazing store this is. and while some do NOT like this part, I value that it's the kind of store that a long afternoon allows you to see EVERYTHING in the store, if you want. Great selection, prices, and vibe. I don't get there much these days but no one who does will regret it. Most especially not with those discounts!
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  5. SJP

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    Probably the worst place you could have put this thread. I'd think Coupons, Discounts & Sales would see more traffic. I saw this on dumb luck and I took some time this afternoon to drive over an hour to check out the sale (having only been to Freak Beat once before and it was a great experience).

    Today was amazing. Got about 50 titles for roughly $120 and then added a pristine copy of Eagles Hotel California box set for $40 after the discount. This was grotesquely overpriced upon release so I was glad to pick it up at a very fair price.

    Two hours in traffic home but very much worth the effort.

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