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Freddy King Sings Again (1965, King 931) - tracks anyone?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dominicus, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. dominicus

    dominicus New Member Thread Starter

    Victoria BC Canada
    Hullo there..I have all the (early) freddy king but this one, (Freddy King Sings Again- 1965, King 931) and cannot find out even the tracklist, or any shot of the cover, anywhere on the net.
    Like most of the early King/ Federal originals, they hardly ever come up for sale , and there hasn't been one of these for as long as I've been checking.
    I had to wait a year for a good copy of 'freddy goes surfin" and even longer for 'Bossa nova and blues", so that's no surprise, really...
    Anyone ever seen a copy, and know the tracklist and have a shot of the cover?
    There aren't any songs on this LP that made there first appearance here, I don't think, or Lonnie Mack's site would have listed them (he's got a king/federal discography on it, which appears to list everything Freddy ever recorded there)..
    I've been a diehard fan (HUGE influence on my guitar playing) ever since he died, o that's a fair amount of time, and I've *never* seen one of these.
    I suspect it may have been one of Nathan's "test" pressings, that is, he would make a limited run of a few hundred albums, and distribute them, and if they caught, he'd make more...however, that's only a guess....
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