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    Rega Brio 2000 amplifier - Demo model


    We have an absolutely in as new condition, Rega Brio integrated amplifier in black finish for sale. It includes the original box, manual, power cable, all packaging & accessories, and full warranty. We are an authorized Rega dealer.

    This is their entry level integrated amplifier which is famous for its beautifully warm sound. It is a very straight forward, non-remote controled, minimalist design that features only two knobs, a source selector and a volume control. It does includes a very nice sounding MM phono stage.

    A little bit of history. This amplifier is the second of three generations or versions of the Brio. It is sometimes refered to as the Brio 2000 as that is about when it was designed. It was released shortly after and to partner with the second version or the Planet CD player, refered to as the Planet 2000, oddly sometime in 2001. It remained in production until around 2006.

    The first version of the Brio was in what was called the "clamshell" chassis and it was a 30wpc amplifier. Very warm and musical, but it lacked some power and dynamic control for more difficult loads or higher listening levels. This second version was built into their new, more attractive aluminum housing which is still used for all Rega electronics today. It was given a huge overhaul and includes new, more robust output devices and more energy storage. In doing so, the power was increased to 38w per channel. The amplifier has the ability to drive most loads to reasonable levels and has still retained the famous warm tone associated with lower powered amplifiers and even more commonly with pure class A designs. Slightly more transparent and dynamic than it's predesessor, the Brio 2000 is a perfect mate for top quality sources and modern, more revealing loudspeakers. The MM phono stage is not an afterthought, but an excellent sounding design. In the last year, Rega has released a further improved version of the Brio amplifier called the Brio 3. The Brio 3 shares everything in common with the Brio 2000 but adds a larger transformer and storage capacity, further increasing the output to 49w. The latest design is the most transparent of the lot and perhaps gives up a touch of warmth in exchange for increased dynamics.

    This unit has been on the same display shelf in our shop for a couple of years. We did not notice it was not the latest Brio 3 version until around Christmas when a customer pointed it out to us! We have had the Brio 3 in stock as well and had sold a few but had forgotten to make mention of the "2000" version still being available. So it's time to remind anyone looking for a nice integrated amplifier that we still this wonderful amp available. It is in absolutely perfect condition and we will honor its full 3 year waranty. I consider this amplifier to be without hesitation, the best sounding integrated amplifier at its price point, period. It had a list price of $595 and the latest Brio 3 is priced at $645. We have this one last Brio 2000 in black available for $495.

    Please contact me directly through our website or through the private mail function on this forum rather than through this thread as I don't know how often I will check back here. This is my first classifieds post here. I will be glad to answer any questions about the unit or general questions here.
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    The ATX
    The Brio is a great sounding amp :righton:
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