Furutech NCF Clear Line AC conditioner

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Sam, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Sam

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    Rochester, NY
    Well I'll be darned! I read the below review (see link) and decided to give this a shot.

    Furutech NCF Clear Line AC Power Line Optimizer Review A skeptic gets his comeuppance. Review By Paul Schumann

    For $250, it didn't break the bank, unlike some of the other high priced power products. I do have a dedicated 20 amp line right to my main power box and a FIN outlet. My amp is plugged directly into the wall and my equipment goes to a fairly inexpensive power strip from Furmen, a PST-8.

    This device is a passive unit that simply plugs into a spare outlet on the strip. Easy as can be and even easier to pull it out for A/B comparisons.

    Does it work? LOL. Yes it does. Not only with audio, but with my video picture as well. Go figure. Going back and forth with it in and out, one can hear the differences. With it in (after a 24 hour break in), the soundstage gets deeper. Everyone seems to move back, and the ambiance cues are fleshed out with greater detail. Musical passages or voices that were somewhat forward and hard and now just as dynamic, but opened up on larger stage. Playing the same passage with the NCF out of the system collapses the soundstage to a somewhat flatter dimension. This was evident on my UK Abbey Road, MFSL Muddy Waters, and other darn good recordings.

    And as I mentioned, something was going on with my TV as well. My TV is older, and lately I've been noticing some "pixilation" on the screen. It's hard to describe, but it was there. Now, with this device plugged into my power strip, the pixilation went away after a brief warmup of the TV set. I haven't seen the picture this nice in quite a while. Wow, some visual evidence as well.

    All I can say is that for $250, this device is staying put in my system. As I said, it's so easy to do a comparison for yourself. Maybe someone who has already invested big bucks in AC conditioning won't hear a thing. But with my basic power strip, IT DID make a difference, and I just want to share that with you.
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  2. Lonson

    Lonson Just a Lucky So-and-so

    I've been using one for amonth or so, plugged into the same outlet as my PS Audio P15. It gets better after about a week of "use." I like the tightening of focus it brings and the touch of perceived dynamic contrast.
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  3. Audiofan1

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    I plan on adding one soon as I have an NFC outlet I put in a few months back and just can't believe the transparency it brought to my system, took months to burn in be warned the reports are true on the time frame.
  4. motorstereo

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    Glad to hear it made a difference as I'm a fan of Furutech gear to. I have 3 of these in my system and yes they do make a measurable difference. Pricey but the good stuff usually does cost more.
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  5. toasty

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    Tiverton, RI USA
    I'd like to compare it to the Nordost QV2 and QK1 that I already have. Much as I love Nordost, my experience with Furutech has also been completely positive.
  6. Sam

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    Rochester, NY
    I continue to be shocked and amazed at what this little $250 plug in device is doing for my system. Just jaw dropping. I played my original gold label pressing of the Doors first lp last night. I played it louder than usual and was absolutely dumbfounded at the ease, clarity and soundstage depth I was hearing. I have NEVER heard that album sound this good before. Never! No harshness, especially during "Light my Fire." I then proceeded to put on my One Step pressing of Mingus Ah Um. JESUS! I'm going to need surgery to remove the smile from my face. Are you kidding me? For $250? Guys (and Gals), I have no bias in this other than buying the product. I don't know the owner or profit from this review in any way. I'm shocked I'm not hearing more about this product in the audio industry. Wow.

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