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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by vince, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Climax not too hard to follow, satisfying denouement. Rewarded the viewer moreso than confounded them. Nice.
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  2. fuzzface

    fuzzface Forum Resident

    Lebanon, MO
    Great show. Good ending. Enjoyed every second of all three seasons.
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  3. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law Thread Starter

    Maybe...if I saw a little 'epilogue' that showed the birth of Aubry's character, I woulda liked it more...
  4. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Ummm, "Lenny", or "Farouk"...? 'Cause, y'know, that's who she turned out to be, when inside David...
  5. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law Thread Starter

    Wait!...She was ALSO Farouk????
    I didn't get that!
  6. Lonson

    Lonson Don't Get Around Much Anymore

    Me too. My one regret is that this is the end. It ended well.
  7. clashcityrocker

    clashcityrocker Forum Resident

    Great White North
    And they lived happily ever after: a truce with the Shadow King with beers, Switch becomes a Time God, David and Syd restart their new lives, Gabrielle and Charles get to be loving parents.
    Safe and tidy ending for Hawley to end his saga. I have to admit being a little disappointed. I think of the ending of Twin Peaks: The Return where nothing is answered, chaos remains and I am still intrigued and questioning Lynch's ideas and motives. Hawley ends
    with everyone singing kumbaya
    and it's okay but just a little empty.
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  8. Lonson

    Lonson Don't Get Around Much Anymore

    I get that. But.. . I think it could still go south as time goes on, or that's one "hope" I have. I have lingering doubts that add a bit of satisfaction for me.
  9. 93curr

    93curr Senior Member

    I gotta say, if they don't release a Complete Series BluRay box for this I'm gonna be very annoyed. Just the thought of paying $50 for a burn-on-demand DVD-R for only the last eight episodes is getting my blood pressure rising.
  10. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law Thread Starter

    Another for the 'missed opportunity' dept.:
    If, they had shown him 'grown-up' from this new time-line, to be the 'shrub' version of himself, with the mouse that sang Bryan Ferry songs!
  11. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin Wild & Crazy Guy

    Plano, TX
    Goosebumps throughout Mother. Not really sure what has been going on in this show for (frankly for the whole run) but some of the musical moments have been incredible.
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  12. jpelg

    jpelg Forum Resident

    The Elm City
    Isn't this really about David's psychoses (multiple-personality disorder, god-complex/delusions of grandeur, etc.), and all just takes place inside his head?

    Wonderful ride. Best show on broadcast tv in a long time.
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  13. mr. steak

    mr. steak Forum Resident

    tempe az
    Very good ending. Nice sadness to it. The Farouk arc was more interesting to me than David's or Syd's.

    The one thing I did not get was the "many" David's. They all seemed exactly same and not different personalities. If they would have been smaller it could have played like Army of Darkness.
  14. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    That's his interpretation of his identity, "Legion".
  15. tomhayes

    tomhayes Forum Resident

    San Diego, Ca
    Legion season 1 in HD: Amazon.com: Watch Legion Season 1 | Prime Video ($4.99 for the season)
    Legion season 2 on Amazon streaming in UHD 4k: Amazon.com: Legion Season 2 [Ultra HD] ($34.99 for the whole season.)
    Legon S3 on Amaon in HD: Amazon.com: Legion Season 3 ($199.99 for the whole season.)

    So I'll bet we get a streaming only HD box set price of $24.99 when they put them all on sale.

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