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FYI Record collections for sale

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by Zoroastra, Dec 16, 2021.

  1. Zoroastra

    Zoroastra Active Member Thread Starter

    Don't know if known or not, or if this is allowed or not, but saw a closed thread from someone wanting to sell their record collection and I found amongst my things a card from a company called EIL (I keep it in case I kick the bucket so my wife will have at least one option other than the bin).

    Willl collect but collection must be large enough and in good enough condition apparently.
    eil.com rare vinyl records, 7", 12", albums, LPs, singles, CDs, CD singles & music memorabilia including imports, new, collectable, promo, vintage, withdrawn & deleted at esprit. We buy & sell record collections
    0800 345 7551

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