Game of Thrones: The Final Season (April 14, 2019)

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    as if the piece of crap actual season 8 wasn't?
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    The Bells clearly wasn't.
    I'm curious to know what ideas this Youtube person has, but can't face listening for 30 minutes. Why can't he just write it down? Why does everything have to be a video, especially one with no images, and a fake voice?
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    If you're curious, watch the video. Why should he write it down? He's a youtube personality, so why should he need to 'write it down'? It's like being interested in a TV show, but complaining that you don't want to watch it and why isn't the show written down.

    As I say, he's a youtuber that actually cares about the show, but was deeply disappointed by what we got. He was passionate enough about it to produce a video which not only presents an alternative ending, but also presents it in an entertaining way, with build up heightened by dramatic musical score.

    He plays a tongue-in-cheek character - the future ruler of the world based at the center of the Earth and wears a Darth Vader-like mask which distorts his voice (though he has other videos on his channel using his natural voice). It's basically entertainment with heartfelt commentary on various genre programming.
  5. The "YouTube personality" is a real talent....rather than producing shows or writing books he gives us his brilliance in a small 30 minute dose that fixes all our concerns. Thanks Mr. YouTube personality!
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    Plus, he's banking on clicks and views to try to augment his income, if any. I think the show was done to perfection. The main criticisms I hear fall into three categories:
    1. No clue Daeny would go evil until The Bells
    2. Arya should have killed Daeny and Jon should have been king
    3. Bran had already declined he could be king of the north, so how could he be king of the 6 kingdoms

    If up to these critics who weren't paying attention to the characters, the ending they chose would have sucked in innumerable ways.
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    Yes, there's been a lot of fan service in the last two seasons. Just shifting it around to please Team Dany fans isn't an "improvement".
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    Absolutely. Lots of interesting parallels. Seems Daeny was destined to carry out her father's dying wish, "burn them all." He was stabbed in the back by Jaime, kingslayer. She was stabbed in the heart by Jon, queenslayer, who was previously stabbed in the heart by all the bastards at the wall that accused him of treason for supporting the free folk who would never bend the knee. Rather brilliant, the way it all played out in ways I don't think the whiners are realizing.
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    I know there are shocked 'Team Dany fans' out there but I'm not one of them, I've not noticed any in this thread either. With her back story Daeny's turn was predictable, it just wasn't done very convincingly. I don't think the youtuber's intention was simply to please Daeny fans, there's more to it than that and he explains his reasoning pretty well.
    Don't know if you listened to the alternate ending but that prediction still comes true.
    I think the alternate ending gives Jon's death and ressurection a meaning that is entirely absent in the actual series.

    I thought it was an enjoyable half hour listen, just a bit of fun but a worthwhile effort, deserves his click rewards or whatever.
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    It was a fun fan-fiction alternate ending I suppose, but I'm damned glad B&W didn't use it.

    BTW, how was Arya supposed to get Jaime Lannister's face if he's still alive? That's a pretty big flaw in his timeline.

    If I were king of the world and could command B&W to redo seasons 6 and 7, I'd keep the same character arc and story lines (which surely come from GRRM's outline, no?), but spread them out over two 10-episode seasons. I'd be tempted to end season 7 with the battle at Winterfell and leave all of season 8 for the final solution, I mean conclusion, to the "game of thrones". All I think it needed was an adjustment to the pace of the story. And less overtly "Hollywood" production values, especially in the action scenes. And hire better dialogue writers.
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    I don't remember him mentioning Arya, not sure we are talking about the same thing!
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    I haven't been keeping up so my apologies if this thought has already been mentioned. What if Drogon takes Danearys' body to a red priest or priestess, who resurrects her, and they fly back to Westeros for season 9? ;)
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    I brought that up... only dif was I suspected Drogon flys her to old Vilaria , and burns all the 'stone men', too.
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    Yep, it’s been kicked around.
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    I hope I'm not conflating two different Youtube alternate GOT ending screeds.

    I have.

    Please disregard all my previous comments on this video. I'll try to find the link to the one I saw.
  16. Chris from Chicago

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    I read nothing about this show before it aired. I didn't want to know a thing. But there's no shortage of articles about it now. And I'll read the occasional one here and there.

    Some foreshadowing... when Tyrion was accused of killing Joffrey, Varys said to him regarding Battle of Blackwater... I know what you did to win that battle, but the people will never know. And you won't be in the history books, but I know what you did. Turns out in the end Tyrion really wasn't in the history books at all.

    And people were surprised Sansa wouldn't bend the knee to her brother Bran, but as Tyrion walked through the burnt remains of the Red Keep after Dany destroyed it... her found his brother and sister dead. Then walked through the war room where a painting of Westeros was on the floor. He had to step over a giant crack on the map effectively separating the north (Winterfell) and the south (King's Landing)
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    This is too funny:

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    I was quite happy to pick up blu-ray of seasons 1-7 on Amazon last Xmas for $74. I’ll add season 8 BR when it’s relatively cheap as a “lightning deal” or whatever. No need for a big deluxe reissue of the whole thing for me...
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    Roos Bolton appeared in the final episode of "Chernobyl", last Sun.
  20. vince

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    When Danni gave that calm and quiet command of 'dracarus..', I though Drogon was just gonna give a little 'spit' of fire, like I've seen Toothless do!
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    This is brilliant.

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    HBO is notorious for using actors in different series. Before GoT Littlefinger was the hapless mayor of Baltimore in The Wire. He basically played the same character.
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    That is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
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    All of the show is On Demand again until the 30th of this month; all of it but Season 8 had been taken down the day after the series finale.

    Watching Season 1 again makes the ending that much better. When you see again how much the Starks (including Jon Snow, for the purposes of this talking point) got wrecked early on, it makes them winning the Game of Thrones even more satisfying than it was several weeks ago. Granted, four of the eight are dead, and the remaining four ended up in different parts of the world (Bran ruling in King's Landing, Jon going north of the wall, Sansa ruling the north, Arya heading west), but they still won. And it's awesome that the only remaining Lannister is the one who was always **** on the most.
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    ^^^ Excellent points.
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