Genesis: Invisible Touch - What Would You Change?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Genesisfan88, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Genesisfan88

    Genesisfan88 Active Member Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH
    Instead of hijacking the Genesis album by album thread, I decided to create a poll and ask you Genesis fans what you would do to make the Invisible Touch album better? Because there were three tracks leftover from the recording session, you have the opportunity to vote for which tracks you would remove from the album. In exchange, I ask that you post which songs you voted to remove and mention which ones you would replace. Here are your choices for replacement songs:

    1. Feeding The Fire
    2. I'd Rather Be You
    3. Do The Neurotic

    Have fun with this!
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  2. Genesisfan88

    Genesisfan88 Active Member Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH
    I voted to remove The Brazilian and replace it with Do The Neurotic because it's the better instrumental IMO. I love the jam feel the band has in this song and Mike Rutherford does some awesome guitar work that I wish would have appeared in more Genesis songs like this one!
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  3. Mr-Beagle

    Mr-Beagle Forum Resident

    Tonight, Land and Domino. I haven't heard the replacements.
  4. Genesisfan88

    Genesisfan88 Active Member Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH
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  5. Damien DiAngelo

    Damien DiAngelo Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
    I wouldn't change a thing.
    For me, that album represents the era I first got into Genesis. I'm sure there are better songs from that era out there, but nostalgia overrules any changes for me.
  6. Rojo

    Rojo Forum Resident

    I'd remove "In Too Deep" and replace it by "I'd Rather Be You"
  7. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Anything She Does swapped for Feeding the Fire at the start of side 2. ASD is more B-side material anyway. I remember hearing FtF on WNEW on a snowy night in early 1987 and I was like "I gotta get this!"
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  8. filutek

    filutek Well-Known Member

    Croton on Hudson
    I also remember sitting in my mom's car in the garage after getting home one evening listening to Feeding the Fire on WNEW. Only time I ever heard it on the radio and I stayed in the car by myself until it ended. I wonder if it was the same night? They can't have played that song very often. Not long after that I found it as the b-side to "land of Confusion."
  9. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    If it was snowing (it was probably some time in Feb since I was coming home from a film class viewing at Rutgers), it was that night!
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  10. Say It Right

    Say It Right Not for the Hearing Impaired

    Niagara Falls
    OK, isn't having been here for only one day, and having started 3 of these types of threads, overkill?
  11. Cheepnik

    Cheepnik "Digs" "beat" "poetry"

    I would change its release date to never.
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  12. Yost

    Yost Always Wondered How Other People Did This

    I chose wisely, and chose to remove nothing. :uhhuh:
  13. JohnCarter17

    JohnCarter17 Forum Resident

    Houston, TX
    Invisible Touch yanked off the album so fast it left burn marks, replaced with Feeding the Fire.
    I also ditched Anything She Does and Domino.
    Ideally I would pull Dreaming While You Sleep and something else off of We Cant Dance and call it a day.
    We Can't Dance can then be turned into an EP, and its remnants towed offshore and subsequently torpedoed...
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  14. Rufus rag

    Rufus rag Forum Resident

    Everything on it tripe
  15. Hollow Horse

    Hollow Horse To pretend to be happy could only be idiocy

    Good point.

    This is like The Weakest Link game, right?
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  16. JohnCarter17

    JohnCarter17 Forum Resident

    Houston, TX
    Feeding the Fire was a revelation when I discovered it on the other side of the Confusion 45. How that ever got put there is simply criminal (which would be an accurate title for a collection of the poppiest Genesis work from 1980 on...) Its better than 2/3 of the stuff that was put on Invisible Touch.
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  17. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Everybody's escapegoat....

    No votes from me. It’s a well balanced album.
    Having just read the thread it’s an incomprehensible poll. Vote 3 songs off. The OP’s 3 go on? Seriously? WTF?
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  18. AidanB

    AidanB Forum Resident

    Indiana, USA
    Ideally, all but Tonight x3, Land of Confusion, and Throwing It All Away and make a sort of 3x3 Part 2, but because of the 3 limit, I hate IT, In Too Deep, and, Anything She Does most, and I suppose that equals out to about an EP.
  19. The_Windmill

    The_Windmill Forum Resident

    Anything She Does and Throwing it all away are the most expendable to me.

    My alternative tracklist:
    • Invisible Touch
    • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
    • Land of Confusion
    • Do The Neurotic (edit)
    • Feeding The Fire
    • In Too Deep
    • Domino
    • The Brazilian
    But I think the guys made the right selection for the times.
  20. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Everybody's escapegoat....

    Which goes to the pointlessness of the thread. If there are great tracks left off then let’s discuss that rather than a stupid poll butchering a classic album. You can’t assume 3 out and 3 in.
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  21. NettleBed

    NettleBed Forum Resident

    new york city
    In Too Deep is just pitifully awful.

    From there, I'd get rid of Anything She Does and Throwing it All Away.

    Genesis' worst album, other than Calling All Stations? Possibly.
  22. The_Windmill

    The_Windmill Forum Resident

    Dude, if you don't like the thread, skip it.
    As simple as that.
  23. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Everybody's escapegoat....

    Great. Open season at the fair.
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  24. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Everybody's escapegoat....

    If you can’t cop a critical response then don’t diss the person responding. Where is the consensus that there is 3 out and 3 in? The poll could ask you to rank 11 tracks but it does not. That is the premise of a loaded poll.... Dude.
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  25. Genesisfan88

    Genesisfan88 Active Member Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH
    As far as I'm aware there isn't any rule to the number of threads you can start and since I have a lot to discuss, then I would say no! :D

    BTW, thanks for the warm welcome! :rolleyes:
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