Genesis reunion tour - will it happen?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Madrid, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Rigsby

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    yes it was, although there was some hope and initial photos of the stage set up showed a small second kit set up
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    Ahh, I see. Thanks for the link.
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    BBC interview is from this week as Phil looks different plus Tony says "UK Tour" indicating it was some interview they sat on for 9 months. One Phil interview he says he only needs 10 days rehearsal(?!?!)to be ready for opening night Sept 20.
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    I'm just being honest, most of those songs don't sound right when the keys are lowered.

    There are some frontmen who just get up there, stand at the mic and play the songs, like a statue (nothing wrong with that, btw). But Phil, on the other hand, was always a showman on stage... running around, very animated. IMO that's why seeing him in this current state is even more jarring.
  5. humanracer

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    As of today, this question is still valid.

    maybe holograms like ABBA?
  6. rlj1010

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    I guess somebody didn't get Phil's memo from 36 years ago:

  7. rcahill

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    Unbelievable there's judgement about Phil's clothing choices.

    #1 - Who gives a rat ass, really.
    #2 - I'm sure there's logistical reasoning behind what he's wearing. Maybe it's too difficult to get dressed to the nines day in and day out while running around on tour. He can barely walk or stand, let alone having navigate a three piece suit to make you happy.
    #3 - It's Phil Collins. He's paid his dues and provided more happiness and entertainment than I can calculate, for nearly a half century. He's fully entitled to due what he pleases.

    You don't like it, don't go.
  8. MikeVielhaber

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    No, actually in the initial interviews he mentioned that he would like to work up some bits to play on the drums. I guess at some point he decided that wouldn’t happen.
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    Again, Abba made it clear that they rejected the idea of holograms as being unsuitable and outdated technology.

    They have embraced Abbatars. Would Genesis be comfortable as Abbatars?
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  10. Elliottmarx

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    I think it is easy to forget that Phil Collins wasn't a drummer like Don Henley is a drummer. Phil was a beast. He was up there with Bruford or Carl Palmer as one of the absolute bests in his field. He was playing complicated progressive rock in odd time signatures with advanced parts and fills. Do I think he could do something simple on sensitive electronic pads which don't need to be hit hard? Probably, but he might see that as a disservice to his former talents.
  11. fer2

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  12. bluedemon25

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    In the documentary (PBS I believe) he said something like he had hoped to but can't. Mike said something like he had hoped Phil would and believed if he practiced 15 minutes a day he could but that it was up to Phil and he wasn't going to push him. I guess Phil felt otherwise or as you say perhaps he couldn't get up to his own standards whatever they are so not worth it to him.

    It's more sad to me, the challenges he has with his voice but it still sounds enough like him to my taste that I'm happy for the chance and grateful hes putting himself and Genesis out there for one last time.
  13. bluedemon25

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    With respect to the theoretical set list, I haven't seen this conjecture yet so I'll ask. Does anyone think if Fading Lights is indeed played it be the last song? It does seem like that could be kind of poignant but appropriate.
  14. rlj1010

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  15. rlj1010

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    Seems like it will be part of a new "Old Medley", along with Cinema Show, and Afterglow.
  16. Deibu

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    I agree. Just lowering the key can suck the energy from a song.

  17. tengram

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    Sure--how about if you also not be quite so rude about someone just be mistaken about something that was said.
  18. Dodoz

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    Are there more songs in a lower key than in 2007 in the PBS documentary?

    I know it's impossible to avoid, but it's always so odd to hear songs you're so familar with in a different key. I understand it though, I don't blame them!
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  19. Sconcho

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    This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve read on this forum. Phil has rarely worn a suit on stage regularly for 30 years. He only wore a suit onstage for a few years around the mid to late 80s, when it was the fashion. Even then he’d often only wear a jacket for one song. Who’s going to a Genesis concert for the natty attire? What nonsense.
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  20. Jack White

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    Collins toured intermittingly from June 2, 2017 to October 19, 2019, with numerous lengthy gaps - months long - in between the different stages of the tour . It's a reasonable assumption that the tour was structured that way to provide him with the rest he needed to regain and maintain his stamina. To imply that he was on the road for a continuous stretch of two and a half years is inaccurate. And he's hasn't been on stage since that last date - almost two years ago. "Almost two years ago" is not precisely "recently", but your interpretation of "recently" may differ.

    I've compared photos of him from 2016 - 19 to his recent appearance (this past week) and he appears to be markedly more aged and frail, now. (Your opinion may vary on that point.) The statement "The man simply can't walk" seems to be dismissively underestimating his health issues and is misleading. What information there is in the public realm (revealed by Collins, himself) regarding his health is: he's undergone surgeries to the vertebrae in his neck and, a few years later, to his spine. Neither operation was a total success and probably each has resulted in nerve damage to other parts of his body. He has attributed his inability to gasp drum-sticks (and therefore the loss of his ability to play the drums) to this subsequent nerve damage. His difficulty in standing and walking may also be related to this nerve damage. He suffers from 'drop foot', which may have also resulted from this mysterious nerve damage from his operations or may be caused by another factor, altogether. In 2017 he stumbled and fell, hitting his head (he received stitches for a "bad gash" near one eye) and may have suffered a concussion. In addition to all that, he's a type II diabetic (among the possible complications of type ii are heart disease, loss of eye sight, kidney disease and nerve damage - so, it's possible that some of the ailments Collins has publicly attributed to the bad side effects of his surgeries - nerve damage - may be due to his diabetes, or at least a contributing factor). At one point Collins also suffered from hearing loss in his left ear (which after a couple of years of treatment, he claims to have been resolved). And in addition to all that, he has suffered bouts of severe depression over the years and is a recovering alcoholic. At his age, almost 71, there must be an accumulative effect and a general wearing down of his overall health with all of that. (Thank goodness with all of those pre-existing serious health ailments and his advanced age he's come through covid in the last 21 months unaffected by it.)

    And to be precise, I wrote he "looked like he has one foot in the grave" while expressing my shock at his present physical appearance and state of health. You're taking a figurative saying and applying it literally; that doesn't seem to be a reasonable basis for criticism.

    I twice commented on how well he still sings despite his health issues and his age. The misleading implication from your post is that somehow I was criticizing his ability to perform and the tour itself. Actually, news of the tour quite piqued my interest and I hope it's a success.

    But gosh ... I had his age wrong by 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days. Therefore, of course, it only stands to reason that all of my comments are discredited because I omitted the word "almost" (as in "despite his age, he's almost 71"). I totally retract all of my previous comments and concede just how wrong I was.
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    It's a heck of a doctor's note. 'Please excuse Philip from music class today'. If he really feels the need to perform (and thaat appeared to be true for his solo shows) then good luck to him, but my goodness he seems some sort of hostage in the latest interview.
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    The trick, if you can, is to try and take the new version completely on it’s own terms without that mental comparison. Lower keys will almost always sound worse if you can’t temporarily forget the original.
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  24. Kim Olesen

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    Well, yes he does, but he also gets asked the difficult questions, that make him visibly sad and thoughtful. It is clear that he thinks over his reply. That imples, to me, that he is in fine cognitive shape. My dad, who is also wheelchair bound because of parkinsons and dementia, has an appearance quite like Phil, but there is no way he could have thought to phrase a wellconstructed answer to an emotional question. So when i see Phil i think, oh my god. But when i hear how he sings at almost 71 while wheelchair bound, and how he responds to difficult questions, i think he is going to be alright.

    But will the toll be heavy on him? It probably will. Is he aware? I am certain he is. And as long as he is not cognitivily impaired, this is his choice to make.
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