George/Paul dust-up during the Get Back sessions

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joel1963, Jul 10, 2018.

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    I was a little younger, about 9 when Let it Be came out, but same thing, was for sure more of the 1965 period, Hard Days Night Help, etc. took me awhile to get 1967-1970... probably not until my mid teens?
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    I buried Paul. Maybe George was pissed at John for yoko
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    I was a big fan for a long time, and read quite a few interviews with Smith, Emerick, Scott, Lush and of course George Martin. I don’t think Norm Smith ever said that Paul “ran the show in the studio”. I don’t think anyone’s ever said that of the early years - you’ve probably read someone misquoting him, or taking something that he said out of context.
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    Oh, I have seen the tape. Paul is CLEARLY kidding.
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    Then we can agree to disagree.
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    When Harrison basically said "I'll play it any way you want me to..." was the end of the Beatles as a band (im0)
    Having Yoko Ono constantly hanging around didn't help either...
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    I agree that Paul is kidding around. He's the one who blows the intro...he points at himself both times as he's jokingly chiding the fellas who then share a good natured laugh
  8. And then to George - "pass the biscuits, please".
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    Here's Norm Smith's comment: "I don’t want to take anything away from anyone, but production of the Beatles was very simple, because it was ready-made. Paul was a very great influence in terms of the production, especially in terms of George Harrison’s guitar solos and Ringo’s drumming. The truth of the matter is that, to the best of my memory, Paul had a great hand in practically all of the songs that we did, and Ringo would generally ask him what he should do. After all, Paul was no mean drummer himself, and he did play drums on a couple of things. It was almost like we had one producer in the control room and another producer down in the studio. There is no doubt at all that Paul was the main musical force. He was also that in terms of production as well. A lot of the time George Martin didn’t really have to do the things he did because Paul McCartney was around and could have done them equally well… most of the ideas came from Paul."
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    But that might have messed up Faul's plastic surgery. :unhunh:
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    You need a lesson in English wit, attitude, delivery and deadpan humour.
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    I’ve never read that. Is it recent? I lost interest in Beatles stuff around 1993.

    Might be true, although I would be interested in how George Martin reacted to that. But you have to take a lot of these types of comments with a grain of salt. Right in that paragraph, he also says that there is no doubt that McCartney was the main musical force in the group, which we all know wasn’t true (especially the period that Smith worked with the group).

    Oh, and as gifted a musician as McCartney was, he couldn’t play a shuffle on drums and, I’ve said this many times, if you can’t play a shuffle, you aren’t even a drummer.
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    I listened to that bass cover of “Two of Us” again, and I agree with Paul. It is already a very complicated, very “busy” bass line; practically the main instrument on the track. There is a lot of variation throughout the song. I’m not sure what George wanted to do, but it’s already complex enough, and it’s a great bass part.
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    Granted I'm not British (neither are you?), but that's not the deadpan humor I associate with Paul and anyway it was clearly lost on the American musicians. What he's saying isn't funny and his delivery isn't funny. It looks mostly like a threat, alternatively a badly failed and inapprioriate joke. Paul is not a funny guy, never was. George and John were funny guys.
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    Well done, George, stick it to the man! :wantsome:
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    I'm not, but I'm clearly not an American, haha! I agree he's a bad actor and not very funny in general. I'm also not a fan of McCartney's public attitude around that time (he changed massively for the better when he got happy again). But this is just a moderately funny joke.

    It's simply the typical quick comment you make in a situation like that. No need for a big grin or an obvious "look at me, I'm making a joke" attitude (as often in US humour...), because the little joke is the fact he says it serious. It speaks for itself.

    "No laughing or joking, guys, this is serious, this is work, stop goofing off on me", to those guys, in that light-spirited situation, come on. You can hear one of the guys laughing and saying "I'll try my best", McCartney is laughing himself after that, the engineer is laughing. Everyone understands.
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    I don't think it was that much of a deal.
  20. noahjld

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    Agreed. McCartney's just taking the piss.
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    love that line
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    I don't think George ever got over the fact that Paul had to do the solo on Taxman. Even more galling, the solo was in an Indian style that was supposed to be George's thing.
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    He didn’t betray that in interviews, he complimented Paul.
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    Ah... no.

    At least I hope not.

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    we do?

    he's been the only drummer on two multi platinum albums and has been used by musicians who can afford better to do their drums. Dave Grohl thinks he can drum, what credentials do you have on the matter that make you a better judge than Grohl and the millions of people who had no complains with his drumming on BOTR?
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