Georgia Hubley Sings!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by slstokes2216, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. slstokes2216

    slstokes2216 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    A 2 part thread:

    1-What's your favorite Yo La Tengo song featuring vocals by Georgia Hubley?

    Mine: Nowhere Near

    2-Help me compile a list of ALL Georgia's vocal work w/ YLT!

  2. Davey

    Davey this is the way, step inside

    SF Bay Area, USA
    Blue Line Swinger is one of my favorite songs period, so I'll take that one. One of Ira's best on guitar too. And that organ! Perfect.

    Out of darkness
    You will come around
    I know you will
    I know you will
    And I'll find you
    And I'll find you there
    And I'll ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ....
  3. ivor

    ivor Forum Resident

    I think my favorite is The Weakest Part.

    When making your list, don't forget about the acoustic Tom Courtenay, or the two versions of Today is the Day (LP and EP).

    Least favorite is I Feel Like Going Home. Oh wait, you didn't ask that... sorry! :o
  4. John DeAngelis

    John DeAngelis Senior Member

    New York, NY
  5. dustybooks

    dustybooks rabbit advocate

    Wilmington, NC
    The first song I can think of that she's audible on is "Did I Tell You" (New Wave Hot Dogs), then there's "Alyda" which has her very prominently, but it's not a real lead vocal. Here are all the leads of hers I can recall off the top of my head:

    Hanky Panky Nohow (not sure how old this is, late '80s?)

    Fakebook & other Bar/None stuff
    You Tore Me Down (shared)
    Tried So Hard (partial)
    The Summer (shared)
    What Comes Next
    What Can I Say
    Cast a Shadow

    May I Sing with Me & other Alias stuff
    Detouring America with Horns
    Swing for Life
    Always Something (shared)
    Farmer's Daughter (shared)

    Painful & concurrent
    For Shame of Doing Wrong (Shaker EP)
    From a Motel 6 (shared)
    Nowhere Near
    The Whole of the Law (shared)

    Electr-o-Pura & concurrent
    Pablo and Andrea
    Don't Say a Word
    (Straight Down to The) Bitter End
    Blue Line Swinger
    Tom Courtenay (Camp Yo La Tengo version)
    Demons (I Shot Andy Warhol soundtrack)

    ICHTHBAO & concurrent
    Moby Octopad (shared)
    Deeper into Movies
    The Lie and How We Told It (shared, I think? can't remember)
    Center of Gravity (shared)
    We're an American Band (shared)
    My Little Corner of the World
    Be Thankful for What You Got (shared; Little Honda EP)
    No Return (shared, IIRC; Little Honda EP)
    Dreaming (this may be older; I forget)

    ATNTIIO & concurrent
    Everyday (shared)
    Saturday (shared)
    Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
    You Can Have It All
    Tears Are in Your Eyes
    (I can't recall if she sings or is prominent on Night Falls on Hoboken?)

    Summer Sun & concurrent
    Nuclear War (certain parts)
    Rock & Roll Santa
    Beach Party Tonight (shared?)
    Little Eyes
    Today Is the Day
    Winter a Go Go
    Let's Be Still (shared)
    Take Care
    Outsmartener (shared)
    Needle of Death

    I Feel Like Going Home
    The Race Is On Again (shared)
    The Room Got Heavy
    The Weakest Part

    Popular Songs etc.
    With a Girl Like You [Condo ****s]
    By Two's
    If It's True (shared)
    When It's Dark

    (I never noticed how Georgia-light the last couple of albums are until making this list!)

    Note: I don't have the "Sugarcube" or "You Can Have It All" singles and I'm missing a few other b-sides and compilation tidbits, so I'm sure there are gaps... Also, I didn't attempt to tackle Murdering the Classics.

    My favorite song of theirs, ever, is "Pablo and Andrea," so I guess that's my favorite Georgia vocal by default. "When It's Dark" on the new record is just wonderful.
  6. slstokes2216

    slstokes2216 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks, Dusty- Amazing!

    But here's what I want to know: It sounds like you remembered all this off the top of your head. How is that possible???
  7. Georgia is right up there as one of my fave vocalists, Ira too but for very different reasons & James is no slouch either. These folks are most probably my favorite still active band in the world.
    Georgia is a unique female vocalist, sincere & vulnerable but not all that traditional- while not being all that radical either...and she's as great a vocalist as she is a drummer! She's right up there with Linda Thompson (of Richard & Linda Thmpson) & Sally Timms (of The Mekons) for me....
    Fave performance might just be...My Little Corner Of The World.
  8. slstokes2216

    slstokes2216 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    interesting that you mention Linda Thompson. I once asked GH who her fave
    singer was, and she said LT.
  9. bigbones

    bigbones Member

    My favorite YLT song that Georgia sings would have to be "We're an American Band".. I don't know if that is necessarily her best vocal performance. It is certainly augmented by Ira's insane guitar work.
  10. floweringtoilet

    floweringtoilet Forum Resident

    I ran into Georgia and Ira at a Maxwell's New Years show not long after Fakebook came out. I told her I liked her vocals on the album and she should sing more. She kind of blushed and said thank you very softly.

    I'd have to say "What Can I Say" is my favorite vocal by her, so pure and full of heartbreak, so much genuine beauty and emotion.
  11. slstokes2216

    slstokes2216 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    In my limited (very) dealings with her seems really shy. Is this true for others who have met her?
  12. I'm not surprised. I used to live in NYC ('94-'00) & I went to see one of Linda Thompson's first live gigs after overcoming her emptional/psychological problems with singing...she was working on a project with Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu & my old roommate & I were right up front, & who was there, right beside us, but Ira & Georgia, looking very wide eyed & in awe. She did an impromptu "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" as an encore & she was wonderful. Great to see those guys there as well.
  13. John DeAngelis

    John DeAngelis Senior Member

    New York, NY

    That's another NRBQ song!
  14. dustybooks

    dustybooks rabbit advocate

    Wilmington, NC
    Ha, thanks. I've listened to this stuff a LOT... and I had a Discogs page in front of me to help with the tracklists.

    Regarding Linda Thompson, I just saw via Youtube that YLT are still pulling out their "For Shame of Doing Wrong" cover sometimes. Beautiful song, the original and their version.

    Georgia seems less shy in recent years. She talked a fair bit at the Freewheeling shows I've seen clips of, and she dealt really well with a very intrusive ABC interviewer a few weeks ago.
  15. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Diver Dan

    Alpine, TX
    I love the Room Got Heavy. Shadows is really nice too.
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