Getting the most out of Tidal Streaming (AppleTV vs other streamers)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by freesole, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Joe Spivey

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    Good suggestion but OP already stated he uses Roon. He can still try it out but he'll have to leave Roon behind.
  2. DyersEve726

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    @Joe Spivey I went ahead and swapped the Allo for the ifi on the dirty side. There may be just the slightest improvement in clarity...maybe, lol. It's hard to tell when you get this far into what I would consider micro-upgrades and there's no way to do a proper A/B since it has to power down and reboot. Either way, I'm just gonna leave it this way for peace of mind.
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  3. Joe Spivey

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    Hey, now you know a good LPS on the "clean" board and you're all set, nice! :righton: I need to try a LSP but never get around to purchasing one. End up spending the cash on other stuff... one of these days.
  4. Kal Rubinson

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    It is really not that bad and can be quite good. The last Oppo (205) had an audio-optimised HDMI output.

    I like USB.
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  5. Wasabi

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    Bluesound Node 2i?
  6. SandAndGlass

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    It does. In fact, many prefer it to the DAC in the 205. Just because something is technically better does not necessarily mean that is going to sound better.

    Remember too, that knowing what DAC chip is being used inside of a machine has no relation to how that DAC is going to ultimately sound. That is entirely up to those who design and implement the supporting electronics that determine how the DAC section is going to sound.

    No it's not! The Oppo 105 has the same video section as the 103, at half the price. The same way the 203 that I have, has the same video section as the 205. The difference is the ESS Saber DAC is used in the 105 and a newer model of the same, is used in the 205.

    In each case, the price difference is due strictly to the improved audio section.

    I didn't buy the 205 because I use the DAC inside of my integrated amp (which is the same one that they used inside the 95) and the 205, like the 105 is 2" is too tall to fit in the space directly under my TV.

    Connecting the Apple TV to your OPPO via a HDMI cable is fine. what you should not do is to connect the HDMI cable going out of your Oppo to another HDMI device like a processor (which is perfect for movies), or a preamp or integrated amp.

    To do this means that you are bypassing the Saber DAC in your 105 for what ever DAC is inside what ever piece of gear that you are connecting to by your HDMI cable.

    Once you get your Tidal stream from your Apple TV into your Oppo 105 via your HDMI cable, you want to get your Music out and to your preamp input via a set of analog RCA cables from your 105 to your preamp input.

    You don't have to do anything else. Simply remember, just because you are using higher resolution streaming audio from Tidal, does not mean the music being played is going to be any better than it naturally is.
  7. tagomago

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    I tried to use Tidal through the OPPO app but many times it shows the wrong song name on the app (I tried with Peter Gabriel - Us). It's not really usable and there's no hope it will be as Oppo does not update the Bdp-105 anymore.
  8. ishmaelk

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    Wrong song title? I don't remember that having happened to me ever...
    And the song was correct in the desktop Tidal app, for example?
    Song titles, specially when playing classical music, are a problem. That has been a common issue to all streaming services.
  9. freesole

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    The Tidal app through Oppo works ok. The interface isn't the greatest and it can throw an error in my experience. However, I do think that there is a minor difference in sound quality. Slightly more detail coming through the Oppo vs Appletv connected to the Oppo via HDMI.

    To get around this and to be able to use Roon going forward though, I just bought a PS Audio Directstream Junior DAC. Looking forward to seeing if there is an immediate jump (I'm hoping for it considering it isn't cheap but I did get a great price on a used one).
  10. paoloprez

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    i saw your forum and i just subscribed.
    I would like to know if you have any idea why my Oppo 105 shows Tidal with song i selected (with my projectors) but i doesn’t play the music. i’m using an iphone and until last year was playing seamlessly. i tried to contact Oppo but thwy have been useless and before to definitely surrender i surfed the web and found your forum. Thanks in advance!
  11. Ben Toby

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    freesole, when you get settled with the Directstream Jr I'd love to hear your impressions. I use my Oppo 105 as a DAC which is fed by a microRendu via USB. Since the Directstream Jr is a Roon ready endpoint and allows you to plug in ethernet directly that means I could get a bit of $ for the microRendu plus the Oppo gets me half way to a Directstream Jr. I've read great things about the DSJ (DAC quality and DSD capabilities) which makes me very intrigued. For digital music I stream Tidal through Roon and absolutely love it.

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