Giles Martin: Update the Beatles

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Guy Gadbois, May 18, 2017.

  1. DRM

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    Muffled sound?
  2. bherbert

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    South Africa
    What do you guys think of the Love album? I gave it a listen today and it doesn’t seem as loud as the remixes that have come after it. In fact, you can turn the volume up quite a bit and it still sounds dynamic and not fatiguing. If Giles remixed the catalogue in this way would you endorse it? His latest remixes have received quite a bit of criticism on this forum due to compression being used on them.
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  3. kiddo4

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    Bad tonality and "processed" sounding in general
  4. andrewskyDE

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    IMO the best remixes sound-wise are on the Yellow Submarine Songtrack, though those were not made by Giles.
    Just let him add not so much compression stuff and his remixes would be amazing.
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  5. schnitzerphilip

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    So play with your equalizer settings until you like it.

    This isn’t like a bottle of wine which is binary, either tastes great or doesn’t; you have the technology in your playback devices to compensate for a sound emanating from your speakers that displeases you.
  6. CoryS

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    Enlighten us, please. What equalizer setting that will undo compression?
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  7. schnitzerphilip

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    That’s not the right question. If one wants the uncompressed original recordings they are out there to be enjoyed.

    Regarding “tonality“ one can adjust equalizer settings so that what is coming out of the speakers sounds better in the environment one is listening in.
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  8. Kassonica

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    I really like the 2017 of pepper :)

    And yes I have and listen to the 67 UK Mono

    I have the 67 Australian Stereo as well which I never listen to
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  9. Onder

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    Processing involves compression as well, so it is valid question.
    You can't undo compression.

  10. The Ole' Rocker

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    There wasn’t even that much compression in the mix. It was pretty much like the old mono. If you want to listen to the old stereo, that’s completely fine. You have multiple masterings for that.
  11. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    I'm trying to think which tracks are common to both YSS and L O V E...Eleanor Rigby is one...I think the L O V E remix has all the great qualities of the YSS remix but it sounds richer and deeper on the former. Then there's AYNIL the original mix of which, I always hated. On YSS it has much cleaner separation and for the first time i was able to hear vocal harmonies that were buried in the original mix (like that very cool suspended seventh during the chorus). But again, more depth on the L O V E version. Any way you look at it though, Cobbin's remixes on YSS came about 10 years prior to Giles' for L O V E. YSS was the very first time we got honest to goodness remixes of an album's worth of Beatle songs..and I think he did an incredible job. In fact, I prefer his remixes of all the Pepper tracks to those on the 50th anniversary remix (and I say that as a fan of the 50th).
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  12. WonkyWilly

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    There is enough compression in Giles Martin's remixes that I can hear instruments pumping and swelling in and out of the stereo image. Sounds like amateurish crap. No listening environment or EQ adjustment can change it. The original mixes don't sound like that.
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  13. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    Much a fan of equalizers as I am (I can't live without mine), they can only adjust so much. While you can "play" with the right and left channels, you're affecting the "overall" as opposed to being able to zone in on specifics.
  14. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

  15. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

    Vinyl or digital?
  16. kiddo4

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    You can't "EQ" a signal that's been through heavy digital processing to the point that it sounds like a digital bubble. It's just not possible. You need a clean source.
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  17. schnitzerphilip

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    Agreed, just saying that to the average listener equipment that costs less than $10,000 the compressed versions just sound more lively and punchy and we appreciate that. I listen to my music entirely on my premium car audio system and my premium headphones and modern mixes sound great to my ears, I'm hearing more detail and instrumentation off of the '09 Revolver or the '17 Pepper than I ever did off of the original vinyl's or '87s.

    My understanding of compression is that it makes the loud portions less-loud so that the quiet portions can become more-loud. And while that pushes everything closer together in the range a) the loud parts are still there and recognizable and b) the quiet portions are now pushed forward so it adds definition compared to the originals.

    My comment about EQ was related to your comment on inferior "tonality".
  18. YpsiGypsy

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    Michigan, USA
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  19. beatleroadie

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    I'm glad my ears aren't as good as those of some members here.

    I think the Sgt. Pepper's Anniversary remix sounds fantastic.
  20. Mooserfan

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    Allentown, PA
    I wish I agreed. I was stunned (not in a good way) by the remixed Pepper. I was so disappointed. Especially in the 5.1. I don’t know if I’ll listen to that mix again, and I had just invested in multichannel so I was so excited by the prospect of hearing it. I really envy those who disagree with me and enjoyed it.

    Any chance Giles has heard some of the criticism and will up his game on the White Album?
  21. Eddy Baggins

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    SF Bay Area
    Happy with the Sgt Pepper 5.1. It's not awesome, but, other than a superb Momo LP on a great system, this is as enjoyable as this album gets for me. Much more detail heard tbsn ever before and plenty powerful.
  22. YpsiGypsy

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    Michigan, USA
    All that bouncing down on the original Pepper's did hamper Giles a bit, the White Album is different in that it did not have as many bounces and fewer sounds to deal with, so I assume it'll be a bit different.
  23. Why remix the White Album? Unlike Sgt Pepper that only had a crappy afterthought stereo mix in 67, TWA at least had a semi good original stereo mix. It's nowhere near as iconic an album so I can't help thinking this is simply another cash grab.

    We've had remasters, mono remasters and now stereo remixes
    What other excuses will they invent to get people of a certain age to rebuy stuff all over again?
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  24. YpsiGypsy

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    Michigan, USA
    I never understood the view of the White Album as creepy, scary, dark, nightmarish etc.
    I remember my impression of it as more of a children sing-a-long album, I was frustrated at the lack of rock 'n roll.
    While I thought the lyrics were lame ( I look at the floor etc) I thought While My Guitar Gentle Weeps had great guitar play on it and why didn't George cut loose more like he did here? (because it wasn't George I found out later).
    But most of the songs were for kids and I just didn't dig 'em.
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    Wild Honey Pie
    The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
    Rocky Raccoon
    Don’t Pass Me By
    Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?
    Honey Pie
    Good Night
    that's 10 songs almost a whole album's worth you had to sit though to get to the real songs.
    The song Yellow Submarine I think goes beyond kiddie sing-a-long, I think it's a great track and worked on the Revolver album and the same for When I'm Sixty-Four on Pepper's, but these 10 songs? No.
    I was into Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Hendrix, Savoy Brown at the time and I felt I out grown The Beatles.
    But I will be getting the 50th Anniversary in November.
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  25. Beatmaniac

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    Slidell, Louisiana
    I’ve hoped for a stereo remix of the catalog for years now. To me a completely changes how the Beatles sound, and I love it as an alternate way to listen to them.

    For me, the new mixes allow me to even better appreciate the original mono and stereo mixes.
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