Give me a Brian Jones appreciation playlist

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kiff, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. kiff

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    Fair enough. As implied in my OP, I'm looking for the supporting material to form my own opinion. I never followed the Stones until it was Ron Wood so Jones wasn't really on my radar. He does have a bit of a mythology to him that can't be denied.
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  2. freq

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    It's All Over Now was the first rock and roll song I ever heard as a little kid, a friend played me his older brother's 45, on a crap little toy record player. The London 45 with the purple and white label. Already old and scratched to hell. The opening guitar blew me away for life: I asked him if I could borrow it (forever), he said no it was his brother's. He said why don't you go buy it? Where? A record store. What's a record store. I had no idea how to buy a record, never heard of a record store and had no money anyway, which was all beside the point because I had to have that exact disc. It was alive and clearly a precious magical power object. Instant Gollum. After much heated negotiating he gave it to me. I believe I told him I had to have it and was going to take it anyway so I would rather keep things friendly. I never gave it back. It was indeed All Over Now for me after hearing that number.
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  3. Brian Resource

    Brian Resource Well-Known Member

    His sitar always gets talked about, but he played acoustic guitar on Paint It Black as well.

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  4. Time Is On My Side

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    Your mom's house
  5. Time Is On My Side

    Time Is On My Side Forum Resident

    Your mom's house
  6. sekaer

    sekaer Forum Resident

    New York City
    One of the great Mellotron performances by anyone
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  7. ash1

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    bristol uk
    Not that it's a display of guitar genius, but this track has always done it for me. The band are smoking hot doing what they did best in the early days. I think it demonstrates perfectly the power of the original line-up with Brian on slide. No genius on display from anyone, just a **** hot band who know what they're doing and play superbly together.

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  8. sekaer

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    New York City
    (Sorry, don’t know why I can’t delete my redundant post—my delete button has gone missing)
  9. crozcat

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    Brian plays harmonica: (official Rolling Stones studio recordings, except where noted)

    1. I Want To Be Loved
    2. Stoned
    3. I Just Want To Make Love To You
    4. Not Fade Away
    5. Now I´ve Got A Witness
    6. Good Times, Bad Times
    7. Cops And Robbers (BBC live)
    8. 2120 South Michigan Avenue
    9. Look What You´ve Done
    10. Fanny Mae (BBC)
    11. The Under Assistant West Cost Promotion Man
    12. One More Try
    13. High And Dry
    14. Dear Doctor
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  10. Brian Resource

    Brian Resource Well-Known Member

    Come On.
    Going Home.
    Who's Driving Your Plane?

    and this...

    There are others.
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  11. Thomas Casagranda

    Thomas Casagranda Forum Resident

    Here's my favourites from the Brian era:

    1) I Wanna Be Your Man
    2) Little Red Rooster
    3) Down Home Girl
    4) Look What You Done
    5) I am Waiting
    6) Back Street Girl
    7) No Expectations
    8) Paint It, Black
    9) She Smiled Sweetly
    10) I Can't Be Satisfied
    11) Ruby Tuesday
    12) Gomper
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  12. crozcat

    crozcat Forum Resident

    Yes, there are more! :righton:
    The above was just my favourites when compiling a CDr/playlist a while ago. :D
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  13. Brian Resource

    Brian Resource Well-Known Member

    Ah. :righton:
  14. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    on how many songs did brian jones have solo vocals? whether it be one word or the whole song.
  15. crozcat

    crozcat Forum Resident

    Some of the best examples of Brian playing guitar w/The Rolling Stones: (studio recordings)

    1. Roadrunner (lead)
    2. Bright Lights Big City (rhythm/co-lead “weaving”)
    3. I Wanna Be Your Man (slide)
    4. Mona (I Need You Baby) (lead tremolo)
    5. I´m A King Be (“stinging” slide)
    6. Confessin´ The Blues (rhythm/co-lead ”weaving”)
    7. I Can´t Be Satisfied (slide)
    8. It´s All Over Now (“power chords” rhythm/co-lead)
    9. Down In The Bottom (slide)
    10. Little Red Rooster (slide)
    11. You Can´t Catch Me (rhythm)
    12. The Last Time (lead riff)
    13. Mercy Mercy (lead riff)
    14. Get Off Of My Cloud (12-string lead)
    15. Mother´s Little Helper (12-string slide)
    16. No Expectations (acoustic slide)
    17. Still A Fool (slide)
  16. YardByrd

    YardByrd rock n roll citizen in a hip hop world

    This was my very first thought on seeing thread title... and you're correct why it's overlooked...
  17. frummox

    frummox Forum Resident

    New York
    Never really noticed the acoustic guitar before. He's doubling some of the sitar parts and extending them on acoustic (less work on the sitar!)
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  18. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    Makes me think perhaps Keith is not doing to much more than some electric work, particularly near the back end.
  19. GlassPepper

    GlassPepper I can't get no

    i'd like to know too.

    Here he is singing a little live, he had a Bob Dylan kinda voice imo.
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  20. Brian Resource

    Brian Resource Well-Known Member

    The acoustic is chordal through out.

    Keith's electric is doubling the sitar etc.
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  21. Ovalvox

    Ovalvox Well-Known Member

    Michigan, USA
    Great song list. I'm glad you included the IBC recordings. Brian playing great guitar here. It amazes me when people say he was a fair to middling guitarist. This is great guitar as far as I'm concerned. Brian played a variety of styles and played them well. Especially the weaving he and Keith did. No other guitarists at that time were doing it but those two. It's unfair that Keith always gets all the credit. It took both of their guitars to create the Rolling Stones sound.
  22. Brian1958

    Brian1958 Active Member

    "Down at the Bottom", an unreleased Chess Studios recording from 1964, is a real gem that features an awesome Brian Jones slide guitar and Mick harmonica. It would have been at home on Exile on Main Street. Always been baffled that they didn't release this track, I guess no one was ready for it in 1964!

  23. GlassPepper

    GlassPepper I can't get no

    ...i still hope that one day we see those Cotchford Farm demos leak out...

    anything to give us a hint at what direction a Stone Alone - Brian Jones may have done...
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  24. Son of Ziggy

    Son of Ziggy Forum Resident

    Tom bloody Keelock probably destroyed them. Incidentally I’d love to hear the version of Honky Tonk Women before Brian was wiped off the track, I think his father mentioned hearing it in an interview.
  25. Lurgan Lad

    Lurgan Lad Well-Known Member

    NW Ohio
    Have to second Ash 1's shout out to their version of Hank Snows "I'm Moving On "
    Brian's slide playing really sounds great here along with the band's performance.
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