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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by vamborules, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. vamborules

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  2. LilacTeardrop

    LilacTeardrop "Roll It Over, My Soul...and Leave Me Here"

    Oh, that's cool ~ Thanks for posting this thread! :tiphat: Looking forward to it & marking calendar to watch. :righton:
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  3. tommy-thewho

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    detroit, mi
    Thanks for sharing. I'm in.
  4. Francophile50

    Francophile50 The man with the satisfied ear.

    I am snapping up their CDs now. I will be watching thanks.
  5. CWillman

    CWillman Forum Resident

    L.A., CA
    I have seen it twice and it's fantastic... as good as this sort of thing gets.
  6. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident Thread Starter

    That's great to hear because the trailer really isn't all that terrific.
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  7. Kristofa

    Kristofa Car Scratch Melt Repeat

    Eugene, Oregon
    Looking forward to it!
  8. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    I haven't seen this, but I was surprised to read recently that Charlotte Caffey was a completely dysfunctional heroin addict by the first end of the Gogo's.
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  9. CWillman

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    L.A., CA
  10. Remy

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    Brooklyn NY
    Nice. I love their singles. This will be a fun watch. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Grant

    Grant Senior Member

    United States
    I have all of their albums. Looking forward to seeing it.
  12. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Recording set, can’t wai!
  13. spsimmons

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    Peoria Illinois
    Can't wait. I'll have to get Showtime for a month to see it.
  14. ghoulsurgery

    ghoulsurgery House Ghost

    New Jersey
    We watched last night, I really enjoyed it. I wanted a little bit more footage from the early 80s LA punk scene, but that’s a very minor complaint. It’s only one part of their story.
  15. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    Saw it yesterday. Really well done, I really enjoyed the footage of their Punk days.

    Moving onto Pop wasn’t a “sell out”, it was as much a natural musical progression as it was for The Beatles, The Stones, The Police, Blondie and Elvis Costello. Even The Clash dipped into Pop. The Ramones wanted to be as big as The Beatles though they weren’t able to in their lifetime, but they did mix Pop into their sound.

    The Go-Go’s took the right path and it worked for them. The documentary is great and definitely worth catching.
  16. HoundsOBurkittsville

    HoundsOBurkittsville Deep Wine List Sonic Equivalency

    Columbus, Ohio

    Charlotte has been candid about the depths of her addiction in more recent interviews.

    In light of the news of her then-dire situation, I find it surprising that Belinda's taste for cocaine still gets all of the play in the media. o_O

    Guess it's just the good ol' spotlight-on-the-hipster-lead-singer syndrome at work here.

    How much of this dirty laundry (and Jane's displeasure & departure from the band) do they air out in the documentary?
  17. JoeRockhead

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    New Jersey
    me too. still a prolific and productive songwriter through it. Her 'writer's block' around the Vacation LP still produced seven out of 12 songwriting credits on that album! would love to have that kind of writer's block!
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  18. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    Quite a bit. I felt it was brutally honest and hit a lot of sore spots head on.
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  19. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    Thanks for this.

    I've got it DVR'ed.
  20. PJayBe

    PJayBe Forum Resident

    Recording from Sky as I type.
  21. JDeanB

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    Charlotte, NC USA
    I enjoyed it immensely. Some things were discussed that I had not heard previously...like Jane and Gina having a brief relationship early on. Also, I had read Jane left because they would not allow her to sing "Forget That Day". While that was definitely an issue, the doc states she left because it was announced by management to split the publishing no matter who wrote the song. While there was talk about Jane's failed solo career, there was no mention that she has a Top 10 single with "Rush Hour"--or a mid chart hit with the wonderful "Blue Kiss".
    Sadly, Jane says she cannot stand to listen to Talk Show because of the trauma at the time, but it is my favorite of their albums.
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  22. realkilroy

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    Oslo, Norway
    I wish they would talk about "Cool Places".
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  23. ascot

    ascot Senior Member

    I finally saw the documentary last night and enjoyed it. I wish they had covered the past reunions a bit more. There was no mention at all of the God Bless The Go-Go's album.
  24. Curveboy

    Curveboy Forum Resident

    New York City
    Yes, that was my only disappointment as well.
  25. DME1061

    DME1061 Forum Resident

    Trenton, NJ
    LOL.....I would have liked to have seen that as well. Still......terrific documentary. All were very candid and honest about their issues. Their new song (Club Zero) is great as well!
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