Goats Head Soup Deluxe Edition coming

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mbrownp1, Feb 6, 2020.

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    Keith Richards Finally Quit Smoking Ahead Of New Rolling Stones U.S. Tour | iHeartRadio

    This is one I've been looking forward to. Any guesses on what the bonus trax will be?

    1972 25th - 30th November & 6th - 21st December: Kingston, Jamaica, Dynamic Sound Studios. Producer: Jimmy Miller. Sound engineer: Andy Johns (with Carlton Lee). Additional musicians: Nicky Hopkins (p; first three weeks)/Billy Preston (keyb; last week)

    1. After Muddy & Charlie (MJ/KR) -unverified
    2. Angie I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Nicky Hopkins on piano
    3. Brown Leaves I (MJ/KR) -unverified
    4. Can You Hear The Music I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Nicky Hopkins on piano
    5. Coming Down Again I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version
    6. Criss Cross I (MJ/KR) -basic track, without sax
    7. Dancing With Mr. D. I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Nicky Hopkins on piano
    8. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Billy Preston on keyboards
    9. First Thing (MJ/KR) -unverified
    10. Four And In (MJ/KR) -unverified
    11. Give Us A Break (MJ/KR) -unverified
    12. 100 Years Ago I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Nicky Hopkins on piano
    13. Jamaica (MJ/KR) -unverified
    14. Man-Eating Woman (MJ/KR) -unverified
    15. Miami (MJ/KR) -unverified
    16. Separately (KR/MT) -Nicky Hopkins on piano; Jimmy Miller on percussion;
    17. instrumental
    18. Short And Curlies I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Ian Stewart on piano
    19. Star Star I (MJ/KR) -unverified early version; Ian Stewart on piano
    20. Through The Lonely Nights (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano; single-version
    21. Tops I (MJ/KR) -instrumental
    22. Waiting On A Friend I (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano, Jimmy Miller on percussion
    23. Winter I (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano, strings arranged by Nicky Harrison; different mix
    24. Winter II (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano, strings arranged by Nicky Harrison
    25. You Should Have Seen Her Ass (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano
    26. Zabadoo (MJ/KR) -unverified
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    I’m in for this once it’s official! I would love to see some live stuff from this era as well. Brussels never got a wide physical release (I do have the Japan CD) so that might be a good thing. I’d also love to see the full Wembley show
  3. btltez

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    Well they should have a look at the Sessions box bootlegs and go from there. Also, some 73 tour discs should be part of this. And hopefully 73 tour video but I doubt that will happen. Looking forward to this regardless.
  4. vudicus

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    Can't wait.
    Lot's of great outtakes from this era circulation on bootleg.
    Hopefully we'll get better sounding copies of those along with some unheard stuff, like the "Scarlet" outtake.

    As for live 1973 stuff, I'd much prefer a box set featuring all the multi-tracked shows but it's not very likely.
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  5. mestreech

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    I got a strange pre-order notice from Amazon (see below).
    Boxset with 7 discs. Hope it is the Stones box.
    Did more people get this? No mention of the artist though.

    Based on your recent activity, we thought you might be interested in this.
    ~ TBC

    Price: £154.05
    Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk.

    Product details

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  6. WilliamWes

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    Beyond getting ready for the spring/summer run of dates, Jagger says he working on songs for the new Stones album, wrapping up a reissue of the band's 1973 album Goats Head Soup and preparing for the release of his new film, The Burnt Orange Heresy, which arrives in March.

    So this quote is from the OP's link. Exciting news-waiting for something official. Hope we don't have to hold our breath for too long!
  7. John Fell

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    They will probably put a domestic less pricey version of Brussels Affair on this.
  8. chickendinna

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    Following up Exile is a near impossible task. GHS, while a good album on it's own, doesn't approach the greatness of Exile. It's too spotty and inconsistent . That said, I'm still looking forward to what the Stones are cooking up with the deluxe edition of GHS. If the bonus material is half as good as the Some Girls Deluxe edition, I'm all in. However, I don't know if my wallet can stand a 7 disc release.
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  9. Curveboy

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    New York City
    That would be a great move.
  10. Black Elk

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    The Stones are no longer on Virgin, they are now on Universal!
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  11. GuyDon

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    That content (probably 5CD+2DVD) and release date (July 24) sounds like the McCartney Flaming Pie box.
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  12. Dennis Metz

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    Fonthill, Ontario
    I think I’ll pass since I can barely listen to the original album. :cheers:
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  13. Donfrance

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    Vesoul, France.
    This is my preferred album of the Stones. I like all the songs but Angie the least. (So if you only know Angie, imagine how good his album is. ) If this is going to come out as it says, this may be one of those treats that'll take you back to when you believed in Santa. Loads of Nicky Hopkins, it will make it even a bigger joy. (Love Hopkins and the Stones, it's almost like they have to do great things when he's involved).

    So yes absolutely looking forward to this.
  14. mbrownp1

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    Yes I love this record just as much as Exile and Sticky. And I listen to it more often.
  15. Curveboy

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    New York City
    I'd reverse that. Exile is spotty and inconsistent and GHS is a masterpiece.
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  16. ssmith3046

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    It took me 45 plus years for me to embrace the soup of goat's head but I have enjoyed it over the last few years and would be in on a deluxe set.
  17. jon9091

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    Hopefully Mick won’t be adding any new vocals.
  18. Paper Wizard

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    Love this record! Definitely in on this one.
  19. mbrownp1

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    Hearing loss? No time? Equipment fails? Interruptions?
  20. andrewskyDE

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    New Zack Island
    Sir Paul is not on the Virgin label. This sounds more like a new Tangerine Dream box set to me.^^
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  21. Fullbug

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    Restraining order? Impending volcanic eruption? Ebola?
  22. hbsbla

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    Unfortunately, based on the past deluxe editions we probably won't get much of what we want, and there could be new vocals added to backing tracks. Fingers crossed for the much bootlegged Dancing with Mr. D. with Mick Taylor's guitar solo, and Criss Cross.
  23. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    I listen to them both all the frickn time. They’re both classics as far as I’m concerned.
  24. deanrelax

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    Please do it right this time:

    a) Book - ABKCO is so far better than you; take some inspiration from LIB and GYYO, even if SF was quite good. SF had Nick Kent. Excellent choice. Combine those two and you might have a winner on your hands. Don't do go down the David Fricke Route.

    b) Studio Content - No new overdubs, please, but if absolutely necessary more along the lines of Some Girls than EOMS. Don't be afraid of sessions or unfinished songs. Travelin Man and Highway Chile are masterpieces just because they are raw and unfinished. Think "Cutting Edge" with Dylan, don't take inspiration from Following The River.

    c) Live content - Of course. Although Brussels Affair is a classic, it still could use another reissue, perhaps combined with the complete Wembley 73. Video - Sure. Don't hesitate. While combing through the archives of Swedish Television in the 19990:ies, it was noted that a tape of Gothenburg 1973 at least had existed. Surprises are most welcome.

    d) Vinyl. Yes, please. Multiple formats is not a problem. But don't necessarily mix them.

    e) Any other business - Yes, do live 1972 while you're at it. Don't do a two cd with the original album, three outtakes (one being an alternate Star Star), a couple of single mixes and Brussels Affair on cd 2 (all in all, this might be the most likely version....)
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  25. Hush

    Hush "Fate, up against your will"

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    In for this. I can only hope it's a substantial release. Love Goats Head Soup, one of my favourite Stones records.

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