Goliath, Season 3 (Amazon Prime, Oct 4th 2019)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Chrome_Head, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Chazro

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    So I finished bingeing all 3 seasons. 2nd wasn't as good as the 1st, and the 3rd wasn't as good as the 2nd! Although the seasons were uneven, they've managed to establish a good foundation. They just need a solid script for season 4! Tellyawhat, between her scene-stealing run on Billions and being the break-out star of Goliath, it's only a matter of time before Nina Arianda gets a shot at stardom!
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  2. unclefred

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    Just watched ep. three. The Lewbowski bit in the death scene was a bit much and just seems shoe-horned in for no good reason. I do think the new character is helping the show already. She has presence. Looks good in the leathers too.
  3. SarahConnor

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    Agree...they owe David Lynch a stipend!
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  4. Bungo

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    I finished season 3 this weekend. Found it more enjoyable than season 2 despite the unpromising first few episodes. But I would definitely not be continuing with this show if Billy Bob wasn't in it.
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  5. Johnny Action

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    The dream sequences, non sequiturs, and general psychedelic surrealism is what makes this season memorable and great. We need more of this stuff, not straightahead linear dime a dozen storytelling.

    IMHO, of course.
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  6. Chrome_Head

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    For the most part, I loved those sequences. Especially when Billy first got drugged and it kicks in when he's driving. By Ep 7, it was hard to tell what was fantasy and what was reality though.

    I don't mind disjointed narratives, and I really liked how they waited to tell what happened at the beginning of the season until episode 4.
  7. GregM

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    The hallucinations weren't handled properly and the show indulged in them too long to salvage season 3. I agree that the show has gone downhill fast since season 1, which seemed inspired.
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  8. kwadguy

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    Finished Season 3.

    The first few episodes were pretty bad--far too much time devoted to the hallucinations (which were completely irrelevant) and to general weirdness which neither established plot elements nor established a mood in any necessary way.

    About episode 4 or 5, things took off, with far more linear storytelling and it was excellent from that point forward.

    The resolution of Season 3 and the story arc for the last several episodes beat Season 2. Season 1 was the best.

    I am still interested enough to want Season 4.
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