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    It dropped down to $142 at its lowest last month. I bought it for $146.67 the same day the first times the price increased.
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    Update from the states. Watching my order history daily. The box went back in stock but for what seems like an eternity (probably 2-3 weeks), the shipping status remained unchanged. Then it went to "preparing to ship" and finally last Friday p.m. I received the magic notification...

    Your item has shipped! Arrival date quoted as Wednesday (today).

    (DHL :realmad:)

    In a single hop it made it to Los Angeles by 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

    And there it sat. The rest of Saturday, Sunday, Monday...nothing. No movement whatsoever.

    Finally on Tuesday, late afternoon, I messaged DHL.

    This morning, the journey continued. I later received a response from DHL that was kind of like "duh, it'll be there today".

    And at noon-ish, the box showed up!!!

    (It seemed like the package was parked because heaven forbid that it actually arrive several days EARLY!)

    Now it seems that AmazonCA learned to package these things from AmazonUK, or vice versa. The box set measures 13" across. The box it was in measured a mere 12". Yes, it was not laying flat. Adding insult to potential injury, the shipping box was 16" in length and 12" tall with ZERO packing material. The corner of the box set appears to have caused a vertical rip in the shipping box several inches long.

    To my utter shock and surprise, the Queen box set somehow came through pretty much unscathed.

    This is one of those luxury items. The content has been debated and it certainly isn't worth an asking price in the $100-200+ range. But for $37 & change? Totally worth it. Kudos to AmazonCA for honoring the price. And thank you again for posting the deal in the first place.
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    Queen box set and SACD of "Axis" both arrived. both are great! I have been watching the price of the Hendrix disk for some time. Finally!!!!
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    How low did the Hendrix go, I bought at $36 and change
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