Good deals on regularly (Part Three)

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    Back from Discogs, it appears to be the cover for the 2016 reissue - there seem to be three or four different artworks over the years.
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    Holy crap, you are correct sir! The sale page/cart listed the shipping as $3.86 but the ACTUAL price I was charged was $5.86 (however on that order/cart/invoice page it wasn't called just "shipping" it was called "shipping & handling"). Sheesh.
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    I was wondering the same thing. Strange that they would reissue an album with different artwork than the original.

    Hopefully it sounds good though - supposedly it was remastered at Abbey Road studios.
  4. It's a scam more or less being run by Amazon itself. While they always list $3.99 for shipping from the Global Store on the item's page, the actual shipping price at checkout jumps up to what you'd likely pay buying directly from It's been like this since they instituted the program.
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    Because the original cover was so dreadful and the closeup photo of Crosby’s mid-70s brass-buttoned shirt and hairy chest is creepy?!

    Strangely, the blue-lit stage photo on the back would have made a great front cover.

    David Crosby / Graham Nash* - Wind On The Water
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  10. Almost Simon

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    To be fair you're right on both counts:)
  11. slipkid

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    I don't see it that way at all. Postage increases on Amazon UK affect the prices of deals & I for one appreciate the heads up given to me by the folks alerting others of those issues, don't see it as moaning at all, nor clutter either. Guess that is just me?
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  12. latheofheaven

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    Nope... Not just you :D
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    With the pound rating sinking, Zappa Halloween 1973 is around $67 usd
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    I've seen loads of bargains over the last week or two but can't be bothered to post
    Because of people over the pond end up moaning on and on about P&P.
    It's Amazon UK FFS.
    You don't see people in the UK keep moaning on and on about P&P to the UK from the US.
    We know the price limit before and after taxes.
    We don't keep moaning about it.
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  18. Troy4

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    Going up every year.
    I wonder why that is.
    The cost of green latex production?
    It always gets cheaper in January.
  19. Black Elk

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    And yet you keep coming back to the thread and moaning about topics that other members feel are relevant to the discussion. It is far simpler and quicker to skip any posts that do not interest you, or simply Unwatch the thread!
  20. ptijerm

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    With all due respect, some of us who have been "moaning" have posted a lot of deals here and in other Amazon threads over the years, so I think we can be forgiven if we occasionally stray from a deal to discuss other related concerns or ask questions about a release which has been listed as a deal. This thread has a history of straying off-topic, but it eventually gets back on track to posting more deals. I know I'll continue to post deals here and on other threads, even if they aren't "deals" specifically for me.

    So with that said, here's a couple of deals I've just spotted:

    Agnetha Faltskog - Eyes of a Woman (Vinyl LP)

    Mike Love - Unleash the Love (double vinyl LP)

    Public Image Limited - This is PiL (vinyl LP)

    Deep Purple - Now What?! Live Tapes (double vinyl LP)
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    This is patently untrue. Maybe you don’t but other threads are rife with UK and European folks complaining about exactly that.
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  22. dastinger

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    If everyone didn't post deals as a protest on a deals thread, imagine what would happen. It doesn't make any sense to moan about people cluttering the thread with something you don't feel it's relevant and not contributing positively to it when you could have.
  23. latheofheaven

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  24. Almost Simon

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    Thank you. More more more please. Intrigued by Purple vinyl.

    Struggling to find any myself. Super deluxe edition have been quiet of late.
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