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  1. Jackie P

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    Boat To Progress! THE ORIGINAL PANTOMINE VOCALCOLLECTION 1970-74 CD (Greensleeves/VP)
    Issued in gatefold cardboard sleeve with booklet.

    A specially selected 14 track Greensleeves/VP compilation of mainly very rare Glen Brown produced 7" vocal gems that were originally issued on a variety of hard to find Glen Brown labels like Dwyer, South East Music Limited, Pantomine, God Son & Happy Feet.

    The sleeve notes indictate this is an album that really should have been realised in the 1970s but finances at that time did not allow.

    Thank goodness this album is now widely available, and as of September 2022 there are copies on Amazon UK reduced to £3.99.
  2. Jackie P

    Jackie P Music Addict

    Currently priced at £3.73,aps,81&sr=8-1

    BUENOS HERMANOS * IBRAHIM FERRER (World Circuit) CD - Special Edition
    Produced in Havana, Cuba by Ry Cooder

    The Buena Vista vocalist's classic Grammy winning 2nd album, re-mixed, resequenced and remastered by Ry Cooder (2020). It includes 4 previously unreleased tracks.

    This is an excellent sounding remaster and anyone into Ibrahim's vocals should check it out if they haven't already done so.

    Packaged in slipcover at back of 36 page hardback book.
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  5. Jackie P

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    *Currently selling on Amazon UK for £4.75

    Good vibes HORACE ANDY (North Parade/VP) CD

    Issued in gatefold cardboard digipak sleeve with booklet.

    "disco mixes - vocal and dub - with Horace at the peak of his late 70's form"

    A collection of top rank 10" & 12" disco selections - exactly the same music as released previousy on the Blood & Fire release but now presented repackaged, remastered plus 1 additional track (Ital Vital - Horace with Jah Bull).
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    I haven’t been following this thread lately, but is Amazon UK shipping to the US at reasonable rates? I know that this is an issue with the Canadian branch.
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  7. latheofheaven

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    It's been a while since I've checked. I know it used to be about 3.99 GBP to ship here in general. The good news (for us :)) is that the dollar just got stronger so the GBP is at the lowest rate ever, just about equal to the dollar, if that helps.
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    Which is why I asked. :)

    In taking a closer look, shipping fees may offset any other savings, so my orders would be limited to items not in print here in the US.
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    Nope. Most of the items on my wish list that are sold by Amazon cost 11.90 to 14.14 pounds to ship.
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