Good deals on regularly (Part Three)

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    I picked this one up as well. This, and the Let It Be set are my first CD purchases of 2022!

    I would have preferred the Lighthouse set on vinyl, but it was too expensive for me at the time. Now sold out and even more expensive on the secondary market.
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  2. allbrosca

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    Thanks for the tips.
    Tried again but price now shot up.
    Congratulations to those who have been successful.
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    Had to do the same, seemed to not load the select currency part on mobile.

    Decent price on this 7 disc box set…

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Bsides and rarities (Part I + II)
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  5. latheofheaven

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    Not the most Earthshaking deal, but I really like the album (and the group - listening to it now) and the price is decent so I thought I'd post it here. Until I saw it in the background of one of the VC YouTube channels, I knew nothing about it despite the fact that I love the group.

    VERUCA SALT - American Thighs $22.99 PRIME ONE DAY (For those in Ohio, that means that if you order it today, you should get it tomorrow. If you order it tomorrow, you should get it the day after, etc...)

    It is on the same label as its original release. This pressing comes from 2014, you can get later pressings on coloured vinyl if you want it. The mastering is by a fellow in Arizona, Roger Seibel. I know nothing about him, but the sound quality is decent. Won't make you hafta change your pants or anything, but above average.

    I really like the moody sound of her slightly atonal singing (this from someone who NEVER pays any attention to singers) I love the almost ShoeGaze sounding chords. The compositions are quite good. I really like the timing changes, and again, the overall moody sound. Great Alternative group!
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    There are a lot of Black Friday deals popping up, just go to the app and click on Black Friday and the search bar populates with “search Black Friday” and just enter vinyl or CD.
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    The new Bob Dylan book is under £20.
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    Its still that price, crazy, i bought it full price originally then picked up again (still sealed) i feel like i should buy a 3rd time, maybe one day it will be worth something;)

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