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    In a deal to be announced alongside Jeff Bezos, Amazon will drone-drop the record on the porch of every Prime subscriber.
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    I heard they were about to use the same distributor responsible for the AOL CDs delivered to every house in North-America for years, therefore guaranteed to never not have a good available copy. Just imagine the talk about the different pressings, too!
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    This had been in my shopping basket for months whilst I watched the price go up and down (though not as low as today's), and your link highlighted that it was cheap and also the last copy available, so I've snagged it: thank you!
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    and to think: i used several coupons to get the 2xLP for ~$25 when it was released. not sure what the label was thinking with the pricing.
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    "Something nobody ever said about that U2 album"
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    thumbs up, this pressing sounds great.
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    Yes! I've been waiting to get this on vinyl.:pineapple:
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    Excellent! just got one! thanks much for the notice. Great record i had on cd and have not played it in a long time.....will be great to hear on vinyl.
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    I have the Primus album. It is quite excellent and the sound quality is very good! :righton:
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    Just received and listened to the Elwan album today. The mastering is excellent! Unfortunately, the 1st LP was warped and made my stylus jump. I kinda thought that first note repeated a bit much! :) If I increase my tracking force from about 1.3 to 1.5 it does track it okay and I don't THINK it affects that sound that much. Still, I tried to get an exchange from Amazon today, and being OOS, the replacement won't be shipped until February 18. Now, I don't mind waiting, but there have been too dang many times where they make you wait for months and then suddenly inform you that they cannot get it and, 'Oh, would you like your $12 back?' The deal is, that anyone else selling it now is about twice as much. I called them and tried to explain, but the chick was very unusually unhelpful. She kept asking me if I wanted my $12 back. I kept telling her that that was the point, I'd hafta then pay twice the price because of THEIR sending a damaged product.

    Soooooo, and I apologize because I know that other than reporting back on a deal posted here and how it sounds, the rest of this sad story is really irrelevant. But, the quandary is, do I just keep the warped, awesome sounding album and increase the tracking force, or do I send it back only to find a month and a half later that there is no replacement...??? I probably should just keep the dang thing I guess...

    First world troubles, I know... [​IMG]
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    If you listen to vinyl a lot, it might be worth investing in a periphery ring for your table. I consider mine one of the best audiophile purchases I have made. I literally don't worry about warps now.
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    Hmmm... appreciate that mate, thanks! I've not seen one, but I assume it is some kind of 'ring' that fits around the outside of the record, right? I will look that up. I've seen references here to a 'record flat', but I've always thought that was something in the middle that covered the label.


    Wow, just saw one in action, pretty sharp! I can see how this would help with your usual gradual warp, but I THINK although I can't say positively that this kind of warp almost seems like a quick bump more so than a gradual warp. My linear contact AT will usually play most gradual warps where you can obviously see the tonearm going up and down, but this is a case where you don't even see it, it just 'bumps' right at that one place... I wonder...
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    I just returned my copy due to a large scratch on side three that started about 1/3 of the way in from outer perimeter, and continued through the deadwax onto the label. I'm a little wary of returning too many lps to Amazon, but the scratch made a click every revolution, so back it went.

    Regarding warps- I finally invested in a Vinyl Flat & Groovy Pouch a couple years ago. It has been disappointing in its ability to correct warps on older lps, but for newer ones on heavy vinyl, it just about always works like a charm. If my copy of Elwan had been warped instead of scratched, I would have just kept it and fixed it.
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    Hmmm, good to know, thanks mate! :) Sorry to hear about the scratch though. That is just plain unacceptable. I sure hope that YOU do get a replacement. I would assume that you got the same note as I did that we have to wait like 1 1/2 months for it.

    Interesting that you say with the heavier vinyl these work better. Weird... I would have thought that the lighter, older vinyl would be FAR easier to flatten. I'm considering getting one, but I am very unsure if it can flatten this kind of 'bump' warp as easily as a more gradual 'wave' one...
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