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    What a cool album cover on that , This Is Soul , comp. Never heard of it Thanks.

    Real Gone Music sent an email stating some releases and at the end it says, Thanks for listening, be back with the biggest news of all in a bit.
    I think their annual sale is coming. Don't see a Real Gone current thread so... here is a heads up. I've been waiting...maybe sooon...
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    They just released a very limited orange vinyl set of the 3 LP Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock.
    (Also an red/yellow vinyl copy of Rain Parades' first LP "Emergency Third Rail" also very limited)
    Get them now if you care.
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    Sale email for Real Gone has gone out. The sale itself is a total snore. The cheap stuff is all the same cheap stuff that was available a year ago in their sale, some at higher prices.
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