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  1. dkmonroe

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    I'd be surprised if the Beggars Banquet SACD is significantly outpaced by this newer set, but they certainly could improve on the Aftermath and Between The Buttons SACDs. I wish they'd have released 50th editions of them.
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    This version was also done by ABKCO. There is a 66-page thread on this version in the Music Forum (link below). Opinions are split about whether it is better than the 2002 SACD, worse, or merely different. Some tape issues from 2002 have been removed, but others introduced. The new mastering is a bit more compressed than the 2002, but that hasn't stopped some preferring it.

    Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet deluxe
  3. hutlock

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    I prefer the new one but then again, I don’t have a high end rig. YMMV of course.
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    We really need to do something about you... When we have a consensus we'll let you know.
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    Heads up for those of you who bought the Beggars JPN SACD: mine arrived a bit earlier, and I thought initially that they had sent me the wrong version, because there was no Obi under the cellophane, but the back cover insert (listing the contents in Japanese plus Y4,400 price) matched my still sealed original copy of this title. When I opened the package, I found the Obi in the album cover with the images of the picture sleeve singles. However, the New Music Fridays sticker was missing from this copy. So, don't be alarmed if yours does not appear to have the orange Obi!

    This is how my original copy is packaged:

  8. LonesomeDayBlues

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    Can confirm my obi was packed inside.
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  10. GentleSenator

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    i can confirm that buying 3 for the price of 2 is working for me.
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    I played both sides of record one today (flawless pressing). I just didn’t know he was that good! I like his hits but love Holiday Road and Trouble, figured for $35 why not. I love the first two sides! What a ateal and the sound is superb. Noticed it is up to $42 now, but still a deal at that.
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    I bought the company. ;)
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  13. imarcq

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    Bowie Alien has landed at $82.96 today...
  14. moomoomoomoo

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    Hm......... wonder when they'll pay me to help them dispose of them?!
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  15. imarcq

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    Maybe the next box is due so they are clearing some space?
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    $81.90 now.
    I told a friend at work who is actually a big fan of this era Bowie. She was so excited to order it.
  17. GentleSenator

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    uh oh i may end up with a second box after all...
  18. imarcq

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    My trigger is under $80
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  19. latheofheaven

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    Who are you trying to fool...? You filed that sucker down and made it fully automatic YEARS ago!

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    I call Faux-obi, or Fobi, on the Beggars Banquet set. It's just a slip of paper that sits on top rather than a true obi which wraps around the cover....

    But it's still a great looking and sounding set especially at 17, 16, 15, whatever you paid
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    Beautiful set!
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    Mine played fine so you might want to exchange it. In fact, very impressed with the quality of this box. Price is running back up now, but that thing was a gift at $35! And now I’m a much bigger Buckingham fan. So nice to have the two Vacation tracks. I have played Holiday Road at least five times. Never noticed all the terrific guitar work.

    The Buckingham and McVie album from a couple years ago, which is basically a very good Fleetwood Mac album that got a lot of praise here, is down to $12.99 on Amazon on vinyl. It was very well pressed and excellent sounding. And better still, an outstanding album. If you have not picked it up, that’s quite a deal.
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    I’m with you, especially on that Buck/McVie album. I’m only a moderate fan of FMac, but that is a wayyyy better album than I was expecting. Really enjoying it. Haven’t got all the way thru my LB vinyl set...

    Edit: hey @rswitzer, just listened to side J, and my “Under Your Skin” had no flaws. In fact, this whole set has impressed me regarding pressing quality.
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