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    Marantz HD-DAC-1 headphone amp and DAC dropped from $799 to $499. Amazon ID: B00NTR459S

    I don't have this unit but read pretty good things about it and was considering it when researching headphone amps...
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    Excellent album :edthumbs::cheers:
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    Same here, though this has to be the most frustrating Amazon promotion ever. Twice I finally found 3 items I wanted and went to check out only to see no discount applied. Looking at the items I discovered the promotion wasn't applied because an item was removed from the list of eligible items between the time I added it to my cart and the time I went to check out. How odd that every day of this promotion Amazon is removing some items and adding others.
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    Target has the better selection in their B2G1 sale.
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    I think I've had more issues with Amazon in the past month then in the previous 10 years combined.
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    By far!

    It is the last day though I believe.
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    The Thread Starter for the Amazon sales thread...? THE Starter?! Geez man, you must be co-owners of the site with Steve Bro! :D
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    ^^^ Nice lead, thanks so much for posting! I placed an order as well.

    I picked this up on CD a few weeks ago while on a music road trip in the Bay Area. I liked Weather Diaries a lot but really dig this one. May end up being my #2 after Nowhere (which will never be topped). That is saying a lot because I have always loved Going Blank Again and Carnival Of Light.

    My main Ride road trip score was a new vinyl copy of the Tomorrow's Shore ep out of Amoeba Berkeley. It clearly was sitting there since it was released and is quite pricey on the secondary market.
  12. Rekkerds

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    My buddy loves Ride and introduced me right around the release of Tarantula, I think the first track he played for me was "Vapour Trail", just amazing! I connected first with the Carnival of Light album but it's a bit of an outlier in their catalog, more of a nod toward Brit Pop and their 60's influences. Nowhere and Going Blank Again (also the EP comp Smile) hold up as some of my favorite music from the 90s. I've been lucky to snag some of their Creation vinyl releases over the years.


    Glad to hear good things about This Is Not A Safe Place, my buddy said it's a nice return to form. Happy to share a good deal as many have done for me!
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    Yes, big thanks to @Rekkerds for the Ride tip. Been a fan ever since the original Chelsea Girl EP on Creation, and their concert with Slowdive opening on the Going Blank Again tour is a top five gig of all time for me. Looking forward to hearing this one and suddenly glad I snoozed on grabbing it when it came out!
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    I just noticed that Prince 6lp “Emancipation” is down to $59, but Amazon is offering a $13 coupon. Total came to $50 w/tax
  15. latheofheaven

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    Interesting... I've not heard of these guys before. I listened to snippets on Amazon, and I was surprised that overall I felt the songwriting was rather good. I really liked the somewhat dreamy ne0-Shoegaze sound of Repetition and Jump Jet. I really liked Kill Switch too. I think I should look into their earlier albums, like the ones you suggested above. Nice find for me, thanks!


    I must admit that I am kind of judgmental when I first hear group names. When I saw that this one was called 'Ride', I kind of rolled my eyes like what a generic name. BUT... I've gotta say that at least what I heard on this album was pretty good!
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  16. latheofheaven

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    I REALLY like Slowdive. That must've been a GREAT concert mate!

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  17. latheofheaven

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    WOW! I just listened to the album 'Nowhere' on Discogs. DAMN that is Phook'n good Shoegaze at it's best Bro! :D Shame that the vinyl is so dang expensive. The recent 2016 2-LP release is going for well north of $60! I'm kinda surprised since it is so recent; maybe they didn't press many of them.

    But, thanks though for turning me on to this excellent group! If you ever see that Nowhere on vinyl in good condition floating about somewhere for a good price (Read: for poor people, NOT people like imarc and aoxomoxoa!) please do let me know! [​IMG]
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  18. latheofheaven

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  19. SJP

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    Hey, @Rekkerds started it. I just added to the conversation and I’m glad you are now on board.

    I was a somewhat early adopter when Nowhere came our. I was smitten by the cover without hearing anything previously.

    As for vinyl, you’d think Nowhere will be reissued again at some point. Going Blank Again is truely a terrific album. The only vintage Ride I have on vinyl is their OX4 best of compilation.

    Oh yeah, don’t ignore their b-sides. One of the best b-side bands out there.
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  20. latheofheaven

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    Okay, I'm not quite sure what the deal is here, but for some odd reason it LOOKS like the 2-LP 2015 RSD release is going for quite a low price here. It is also listed elsewhere on Amazon for over $60! I looked it up on Discogs, and there APPEARS to be only ONE 2015 2-LP pressing of this (the original 2-LP is also going for more than $60. So, I don't know why this one is so low:

    RIDE: Ox4 The Best of Ride $19.95!

    Of course, I shagged it immediately. But, I'm thinking it is some kind of mistake or something and will likely be cancelled, IDK...
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  21. latheofheaven

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    Thanks Bro, appreciate it! [​IMG]

    You'll see my post above SEEMINGLY about the 2015 2-LP release, but it honestly seems way too good to be true...
  22. SJP

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    That is about what I paid for mine on Insound a couple years ago. Discogs has a bunch in that price range so I think you are good to go.
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  23. latheofheaven

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    Okay, I just double-checked on Discogs. The 2-LP RSD release is indeed going for about $23 or so, so it looks valid. I didn't really check the song listings though before I shagged it. At first glance, I don't know about their song selections for the 'Best of'... I mean, where is 'Nowhere' for goodness sakes? And Twistarella wouldn't exactly be my first choice from their second album from what I heard.

    Oh well... considering how expensive their first one is (Uh, called 'NOWHERE', btw... [​IMG] ) I guess I should feel fortunate to score this 2-LP RSD red vinyl release for this price.

    Okay, done complaining... :)
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  24. mpayan

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    Yep. Especially on newer music.
  25. moomoomoomoo

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    Amazon's sale of a few days ago was also much better than this one.

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