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    He isn't in need of it but that's not the point- the indie record stores are and Neil has made effort to ensure that his releases have been indie-first or given incentive to purchase from indies. He has made a great living but has always pushed for supporting smaller business.

    Edit: I get what you are saying sorry lol
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  2. GentleSenator

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  3. spencer1

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    Salzer’s Records in Ventura does need the $4 (or however much it is).
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  4. Jzark

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    Thanks, I have been wanting this. Does anyone know how it sounds?
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  5. dcarwin

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    You can buy some custom Vans shoes to support Salzer's as well.
  6. spencer1

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    I know. They’re around 100 bucks, yikes!
    My wife said, “You already spend enough there.”
    I’m working on her, marital bliss and all that being important ...
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  7. joelee

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    $29.00 now
  8. Batman21

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  10. VinylSteals

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  13. Tjazz

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  14. Mr.Mustache

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    After ordering a few dozen records from Amazon I ordered Jimi Hendrix "Band Of Gypsies" and it was shipped in a thin yellow padded bubble envelope. The jacket was very damaged upon arrival. The replacement one was shipped in a lp box within a Amazon box, as all the other ones had come. As this was the only bad order and given the easy exchange / return policy, I will continue to order from them.
  15. hutlock

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    Cleveland, OH, USA
  16. GentleSenator

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  18. Black Elk

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    They had a stadium tour lined up for about now. Maybe they anticipated higher sales linked to the tour?
  19. hutlock

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    Sounds about right. Amazon, Deep Discount, Rough Trade... everyone seems to be trying to dump stock.
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    Nice selective editing of what I wrote. Is this Chuck Todd?
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    It’s Mom, actually. Get up here, dinner’s ready.
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    Count me as fortunate as well. I like to keep track of a spreadsheet of what I end up paying for albums. Last week I was summarizng all of my recent (last cula years) purchases and went to orders from various vendor I buy from (Deep Discount, CD Imports E-Bay Store, Amazon, Music Vault, etc.). I know I entered a hundred LPs from Amazon. I know I've never received an LP packed in anything less than cardboard LP mailers from any of the major online retailers, muck less Amazon. I did get one in a crappy plastic envelope from Lucky Jeans. That Sticky Fingers somehow arrived unscathed. For $7 I wasn't complaining
  23. SJP

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    That was quite the deal that I too was happy to get in on...good times!

    Unsure what was better, that Sticky Fingers box set for less than $10 shipped or finding Exile On Main St. blu-ray audio in a dollar bin at FYE.
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    I track all of my music purchases also. In the last 3 years I have purchased 147 records from Amazon. I had to return 9 of them due to damage. In almost every case the damage was due to poor packaging. The most common scenario was one LP in a box twice as big as needed with a single strand of bubble wrap on top. There have also been at least two instances where they sent the wrong title. One time they told me to keep the wrong title at no charge. I have asked via phone, email, and chat that the always package in an LP mailer but they still ship them without a mailer from time to time. Amazon has problems from time to time but they have always made things right for me.
  25. IFP

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    My Sticky Fingers from Lucky was shipped loose in a cardboard box that could have held a 24-pack of toilet paper. Just LOOSE! Mine was fine as well, but they must just have high school teenagers packing and shipping those things from the retail stores.
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