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Good Deals on amazon.com (part3)

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by lv70smusic, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

  2. tyler928

    tyler928 Forum Resident

    Olympia, WA
    I went ahead and but the bullet myself on Dylan. This is my third copy (two went back last year with the same pressing problems). This one is *better* but not yet acceptable. Side D has a scratch on it that affects a couple minutes of Murder Most Foul. Disc one has its fair share of pops and ticks (everything was cleaned prior to playing), but is acceptable. So if I get a good disc two in my replacement, I’ll be able to put a proper set together. The discs are also slightly warped but not enough to audibly affect playback.

    And disc two (already affected by the scratch mentioned) is slightly off-center. Ok, the more I write about it, the more I realize that this is still not a great pressing.
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  3. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    (takes big swig of rotton milk).

    "hey, buddy, you want some of this milk?
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  4. Leugi

    Leugi Forum Resident

    I like my pressing bought on Amazon a few months ago

    guess I got lucky
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  5. George Blair

    George Blair Senior Member

    Portland, OR
  6. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven My Pants are FULLY Analog...

    :laugh: (Only if you are one of the 'Slag' from ALIEN NATION...)
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  7. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

  8. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and will do. thank you!
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  9. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
  10. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven My Pants are FULLY Analog...

    Whoa... Let's hope no changing of pants was involved...
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  11. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven My Pants are FULLY Analog...

    Excellent recommendation, shagged, thanks mate! :righton: Very simple song construction but I feel a really nice mood. Doomy, but nicely layered with quasi-Psychedelic guitars. Embers and Cosmic Nihilism are particularly lyrical. Here is a YouTube link where you can listen to the entire album:

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  12. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven My Pants are FULLY Analog...


    THE DOORS - Strange Days (2017 US Mono pressing - The Mastering Lab)
    $19.79 PRIME

    LES CLAYPOOL'S DUO - Four Foot Shack (2-LP supposedly Gold Nugget vinyl - a one-off Bluegrass release - I have the Claypool/Lennon albums and they are excellent, but I don't know about this one)
    PREORDER (For those in Ohio that means that you order it now but pay for it later)
    $26.49 PRIME https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DCZ1DYC

    MADONNA - Like a Virgin (that would be @aoxomoxoa not counting the sheep)
    Rhino Clear vinyl $17.99 PRIME

    DESCENDENTS - 9th & Walnut $17.99 PRIME (PREORDER - see above)

    CHARLES BRADLEY - Victim of Love $14.55 PRIME
  13. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

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  14. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    NOT an Amazon deal, a Bandcamp deal:

    There's a pretty cool band out there called Trench. Atmospheric post-rock / ambient rock quartet with vocals.

    They've marked down the last of their vinyl LP's to "pay what you want". I listened to the samples and bought one, sounded pretty good to me.

    Ritual Love, by Trench
  15. Thanks.

    Just shagged the last one!
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  16. LSP2003

    LSP2003 Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
  17. ENelson409

    ENelson409 Forum Resident

    There are a LOT of 4K and blu-rays currently on sale at amazon. They are price matching Best Buy's current Black Friday sales. If you go to Best Buy and look at the Black Friday section that includes movies, you will see everything they have discounted to $9.99 or less. (Some Disney / Marvel 4Ks are $12.99.
  18. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

  19. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

  20. dusttones

    dusttones Forum Resident

    Nice tool to help sift through it: Best Blu-ray Deals
  21. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven My Pants are FULLY Analog...

    Just wanted to say an enthusiastic 'THANK YOU!' to the one who posted the "Kapt Kopter & The Fabulous Twirlybirds" MOV vinyl on the Deep Discount thread (I can't post there) That was a frigg'n STEAL at $9.21, especially for the sharp looking vinyl. A lot of stuff from that era to me is rather hit and miss or kind of 'manufactured' sounding at times, but I really like this one. I feel the songwriting and compositions are strong with good guitar and some nice Psychedelic undertones, I also like the way they treated the vocals on some songs. The mastering is also quite excellent as I've found for most MOV pressings.

    Again, this is yet another one I would have never gone out of my way to find :)

    Thanks kindly for posting the deal there! :tiphat:

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  22. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
  23. struttincool

    struttincool Senior Member

    Anacortes, WA
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  24. Biittner Hair Flyin'

    Biittner Hair Flyin' Comfortably Dumb

  25. ermylaw

    ermylaw Forum Resident

    Kansas City

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