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    Some people in the Candid thread mentioned similar problems like getting the message 'not deliverable to your address' when trying to order, etc. There were able to order after persisting in trying. I was one of the few that did not have this issue.

    Iconic Jazz Label Candid Records Relaunches with Five Reissues of Legendary 60's Recordings
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    Laura Nyro LP Go Find the Moon $14.30,popular,197&sr=1-410


    3.0 out of 5 stars Only For The Most Dedicated of Nyro Fans
    Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2021

    After 54 years of loving Laura Nyro, I have no real expectations of hearing any new material beyond releases and repackages of her live performances (of which there are many). This minor release offers some insight into the reasons why Nyro was a teenage prodigy and, surprisingly, includes three original Nyro compositions (Enough of You, Go Find The Moon, In and Out) that have never seen the light of day before. It also features the first recordings of her classics, And When I Die, Lazy Susan and Luckie, accompanying herself on piano. Any false thoughts that Nyro wasn't a great singer are quickly laid to rest on the demo of And When I Die which, by itself, would be reason enough for any producer worth their salt to sign her to a contract.

    Unless, like me, you are a fan who is also a completest I would not bother buying this release. At less than 20 minutes it is barely worth the investment. Especially, when you take into account that over 3 minutes of that time is devoted to fragments that are merely outtakes and shed light merely on the fact that Laura was uncomfortable playing covers early on; to the extent that she barely manages to play more than the title of three standard songs. Calling these recordings fragmentary is an overstatement.

    However, I will give the people responsible for releasing this disc credit for adding it to the recorded legacy of one of the best singer-songwriters of her time. Certainly a pioneer feminist and a lasting important influence on many musicians.

    If you really are interested in Nyro please refer to her albums Eli and The Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry. If those albums don't convince you of her rare talent and amazing artistry nothing will. This curiosity isn't the door into the wonderland that is Laura Nyro's music despite consisting of her first demo recordings.

    Lastly, I will say it is a total pleasure to hear some of Nyro's first songs that never warranted later recording or public performance. Each is enjoyable in its own quirky way even if one, In and Out, isn't a full recording.

    And kudos to the fine cover art.

    Long live Laura Nyro!
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    I paid about that in a recent "20% off $65+" purchase from get_importCDs on eBay.
    Just arrived today, so it is definitely available.
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    I have used that recurrent sale numerous times.
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    Swordsandchains True metal never rusts

    one of the best deals around, I frequently have to hold myself back.
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    Wow, did you just use the word 'Recurrent'...? Comin' up in the world Bro! :righton:
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    I think a Recurrent is a kind of berry.... ;)
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    Things seem a bit slow at Amazon right now. There are a lot of items I'm watching and they haven't budged in 3 or 4 weeks.

    On the other hand, I spent a lot on their buy-2-get-1-free sale last month, so it's probably a good thing.
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  12. Received my first "White Baggie Of Death" today, containing the Magical Mystery Tour LP @ $20.07 --

    Three various-condition corner bumps was the extent of the damage. No creases at all.

    Not necessary to return it (for me). I suppose I got lucky (and have been in the past as far LP purchases).

    It originated from Canton, MS -- so it didn't have far to travel, which certainly was a factor in the condition in which it arrived.
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    This one may be of interest to some...

    $86.99 for John Mellencamp's "Scarecrow" super deluxe edition at a 42% discount. I'm torn, might be more than I'd ever need of this or any JM album but I have a $50 gift card that makes this a pretty good value, along with the substantial discount of course. Yet there are some contrary reviews on the Atmos disc so YMMV.
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    With all the terrible reviews I wouldn't be surprised if this drops to around $50 at some point.
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    I really like it.
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    The 3-LP deluxe edition of Paul McCartney’s “Flaming Pie” is heavily discounted on Amazon US and is now priced at $37.49. (Regular price is $59.99.) The set includes the original album, which is a genuine classic, spread out over two discs, and the third LP is home demos that many fans have raved about. It all comes housed in a sturdy slipcase with some extras.
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    (As an aside to my Los Angeles area Paul McCartney / Beatles fans - did you see this show? Only 200 seats in the room - check it out:

    The Complete "Rubber Soul" and "Band On The Run" 3.30 pm )

    This is a cool newly discounted item - just 5 songs though ... $13.04

    Daniele Luppi you remember, the lounge guy from Italy, and Greg is the frontman for Cigarettes After Sex, who I assume many of us know-and-enjoy?
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    I've been to these Grammy Museum shows and they are a blast!
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    I hope this collection is a good as the reviews say. I put it on order last night.
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    I like the album well enough but I didn't find a bonus disk to be anything special
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    Had to happen sooner or later. Amazon sent my 3-LP "Flaming Pie" boxed set in the dreaded thin, plastic bag rather than in a box. So of course the beautiful outer slip-case was heavily damaged on two corners. I immediately arranged to have it sent back and replaced with another copy, but you can't direct them to ship it in a box; all you can do is tell them in the "comments" field (which no one probably reads) that the item arrived damaged because it was shipped in a super-thin, unpadded bag.

    I'll send this one back once I have the replacement in hand -- just in case that one has other defects and I need to combine various elements to get one acceptable copy. The inner sleeves, booklets, and discs are all in fine shape. No warps or defects. The remaster of the original album, which always sounded fine, is a clear improvement over the original mastering, and the home demos are very cool.
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    I'm feeling very lucky today (sorry if I'm a little off topic). Just listened to the Verve 2020 Getz/Gilberto which arrived in the dreaded thin plastic bag earlier today. I found it in a warehouse deal almost 50% cheaper than new with the following condition: "Acceptable - Large cosmetic damage on item case. Accessories may have cosmetic damage. Item will come repackaged." Decided to take a chance on upgrading my old copy. Notwithstanding the dreaded packaging and the described condition I would say it is mint/mint. I opened the bag expecting dinged corners but not a scratch on the cover or the LP and it plays nicely with no pops, cracks or service noise! And I watched as the delivery guy placed it carefully on a chair on my porch. I have seen others toss them like a frisbee!
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