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  1. Black Elk

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    Bay Area, U.S.A.
    I just played around in their store, and the free delivery holds for many CDs (incl. SHM) and SACDs.
  2. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa I'm an ear sitting in the sky

    I don't do Billy Joel but I have some of these multichannel SACDs in this 7" format and they are worth thier weight in gold.
  3. joelee

    joelee Hyperactive!

    Any recommendations?
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  4. atlantasteven

    atlantasteven Mercy Mercy Me

    Any of the Santana. Herbie Hancock.
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  5. Swordsandchains

    Swordsandchains True metal never rusts

    Miles Davis
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  6. Big Dicfoot

    Big Dicfoot "Dodgy Solderer" Bigsley Richford

    Foreigner Head Games .... says MoFi below ... I ordered one ... $24.58
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  7. Big Dicfoot

    Big Dicfoot "Dodgy Solderer" Bigsley Richford

    Looks like they killed it an hour after I ordered ... lol:laughup:
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  8. MerseyBeatle

    MerseyBeatle Martha my dear (1995-2012)

    Charleston, SC
    Some Kindle book deals

    The Beatles: Celebrating 50 Years of Beatlemania in America Kindle Edition by Ben Nussbaum

    God Save The Kinks: A Biography Kindle Edition by Rob Jovanovic

    Up and Down with The Rolling Stones - My Rollercoaster Ride with Keith Richards Kindle Edition by Tony Sanchez

    Stones Touring Party: A Journey Through America with the Rolling Stones Kindle Edition by Robert Greenfield

    My Life in Dire Straits: The Inside Story of One of the Biggest Bands in Rock History Kindle Edition by John Illsley
  9. Beholdentonoone

    Beholdentonoone Forum Resident

    I'm still seeing that deal and it is listed as MOFI but the photos do NOT indicate MOFI so don't know about this one but it is sold and fulfilled by Amazon so easy peasy return if it's not with that...purchased!
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  10. AlienRendel

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    Chicago, il
    That Tony Sanchez Stones book is a great read, whether it's true or not.
  11. Big Dicfoot

    Big Dicfoot "Dodgy Solderer" Bigsley Richford

    Yeah.... it's one of those deals ...... what's funny is under my orders, the album cover is indeed the MoFi with the green banner across the top. I'm thinking it was a price mistake and they caught it but didn't cancel it ........ I'll see soon.
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  12. Beholdentonoone

    Beholdentonoone Forum Resident

    Same in my orders I see the green MOFI banner but when I click on it I get the standard Atlantic cover. It also shows being delivered between Feb 28 and sometime early March.
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  13. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Played my copy again today and on the second time through, it really opened up and sounds a LOT better; probably my first play through got a lot of the junk out of the grooves. For $11, I would definitely recommend it. That means you, @latheofheaven LOL

    Also note that it is a unipak gatefold and the package is very nice indeed in case you were on the fence.
  14. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven My Pants are FULLY Analog...

    Okay, okay! Geez, I have like every other bloody album by him, but I don't have this one. I checked prices of early pressings, and yeah, they are pretty high. Not a lot of love for this 75th, but apparently done by Bernie Grundman and for the price...

    BUT... if it sux...

    I'm gonna give your girlfriend all the deep down dirt I have on you!
  15. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    A few CD Box Sets:

    Ry Cooder's 'Soundtracks' is a 7xCD box that hasn't been cheap on Amazon for years. $29.41 plus reasonable shipping from Momox, a European third-party. I've ordered several times from them without issues. Condition is USED - GOOD .

    Any other Man fans here? The Twang Dynasty was a comeback album of sorts, if I remember correctly. It got an expanded 3xCD reissue which is hard to find in the USA. Only one dealer on Discogs for it. A VERY GOOD condition used copy is $9.98 plus reasonable shipping from an Amazon Third Party seller

    Clive Nolan is a UK prog guy who's been around for years. His 'Alchemy' box set is a 5-disc collection with region-free DVD's included. It's available in LIKE NEW condition from an Amazon Third Party seller for $28.24 plus reasonable shipping

    Graham Parker's old Bootleg Box V. 2 hits the lowest price in a decade on Amazon, per camelx3. $24.98 plus reasonable shipping in VERY GOOD condition from a UK Amazon Third Party seller

    This one hasn't even BEEN on Amazon for about 6 years. Frank Sidebottoms, the silly UK comedy act, had a 5disc set. $24.73 plus reasonable shipping in VERY GOOD condition from an Amazon Third Party seller

    I own this. The Amazon description is a little confused. I think this is just the 3CD set, the first box - there's another one out there too Still, if you're looking for old-school, new age / ambient music, and a lot of it, Ken Elkinson's set is cheap from multiple dealers. $4.00 plus reasonable shipping from multiple dealers ... check condition etc before you buy.

    For the old-timers, Cleo Laine and her husband John Dankworth (he's kind of a big-band guy) released a 4xCD comprehensive career set that got good reviews. Multiple dealers with GOOD condition used copies for $8.00 plus reasonable shipping


    PS: NOT a deal, and NOT on Amazon, but Stereolab announced a CD box set today: see at Stereolab - Switched On Volumes 1-5. duophonic.
  16. dusttones

    dusttones Forum Resident

  17. J Luc

    J Luc Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
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  18. johnnyb1964

    johnnyb1964 Treats please!

    Eugene, Oregon
    Thanks so much for the book deals. I picked up the two Stones titles.
  19. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    Got the Rolling Stones mono debut vinyl album on colored vinyl that has been posted here multiple times. Got it for under $10.

    Pretty crappy, IMHO. Cheap thin coverstock. Mediocre graphics reproduction. Some dish warp of the vinyl. Sound is quite indifferent and certainly not any better than the digital version.

    Unless you want it to have a colored vinyl copy just for the aesthetics, it's skip-able even at the low price.
  20. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa I'm an ear sitting in the sky

    If you already have the mono box you should skip this.
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  21. theycallmemitch

    theycallmemitch Forum Resident

    Southern US
    Probable price mistake at 7.39 - Wiz Khalifa's Cabin Fever Trilogy
  22. fndrblndr

    fndrblndr Forum Resident

    ...but it has their "Pre-order Price Guarantee"
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  23. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    That just means if it goes lower, you'll get the lower price. It doesn't mean they won't cancel a price mistake--which this clearly is.
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  24. iggyd

    iggyd Forum Resident

    Wilmington, NC
    Thanks for posting these. I grabbed the Kinks and both Sones books. Cheers!
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  25. notesofachord

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    Mojave Desert

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