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    Yeah.....I wasn't as smart as you. I decided to shoot first and ask questions later, as it were. My only hope is that mayyybe this is part of the new run?

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    Let us know if it is. It seemed a deal too good to be true. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good Luck!
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    Well, I received my set today and it looks like I dodged a bullet! I unboxed the set and looked at each sharp edges, no random vinyl scraps, no off center labels. Played random cuts on about 5-6 of them, no skips. A few of the spindle holes were a bit snug, but nothing I haven't encountered before. Very pleased!
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    Might be helpful if you told us what set you received
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  6. This is a great deal for lovers of Christmas music on CD. I've already ordered this item and basically what you see in the pictures are what you get. 23 new Christmas CDs of major artists (Johnny Cash, Johnny Mathis, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Andy Williams, etc.) and various compilations for $13.99 shipped. Eight units remain. The CDs were packed in a cardboard box for shipment. I got every CD shown in the photos.

    Christmas CD Lot: 23 Different CDs - Country Rock Oldies Children's Pop NEW | eBay

    If you enjoy Christmas music, this is a fabulous deal and easily one of the best random Christmas lots I've seen browsing eBay over the years. This isn't public domain or grey-market junk for the most part.
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    I just received an email saying the 8% eBay bucks were back with no minumum purchase through 2/14.
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    Why post the links and not read the contained info? Seems strange...

    "Who's eligible?
    Only invited, registered eBay Bucks participants who receive the promotional offer from eBay in My Messages are eligible. Sorry, no forwarding—the offer is not transferable."

    If you weren't invited, it doesn't apply to you. Simple.
  9. I explained what I posted, it indicated I was not qualified and I didn't care to read enough to explain what the reasons were, why should I care? I provided the links in case others were interested to know if they qualified. My thought was someone getting the offer by email, could have missed the email and those links would help. Not qualified only takes a couple of seconds to see.
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