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  2. This is a great deal for lovers of Christmas music on CD. I've already ordered this item and basically what you see in the pictures are what you get. 23 new Christmas CDs of major artists (Johnny Cash, Johnny Mathis, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Andy Williams, etc.) and various compilations for $13.99 shipped. Eight units remain. The CDs were packed in a cardboard box for shipment. I got every CD shown in the photos.

    Christmas CD Lot: 23 Different CDs - Country Rock Oldies Children's Pop NEW | eBay

    If you enjoy Christmas music, this is a fabulous deal and easily one of the best random Christmas lots I've seen browsing eBay over the years. This isn't public domain or grey-market junk for the most part.
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    I just received an email saying the 8% eBay bucks were back with no minumum purchase through 2/14.
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    Why post the links and not read the contained info? Seems strange...

    "Who's eligible?
    Only invited, registered eBay Bucks participants who receive the promotional offer from eBay in My Messages are eligible. Sorry, no forwarding—the offer is not transferable."

    If you weren't invited, it doesn't apply to you. Simple.
  6. I explained what I posted, it indicated I was not qualified and I didn't care to read enough to explain what the reasons were, why should I care? I provided the links in case others were interested to know if they qualified. My thought was someone getting the offer by email, could have missed the email and those links would help. Not qualified only takes a couple of seconds to see.
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    Beatle/McCartney collectors will undoubtedly remember "The Art of McCartney" project that came out a few years ago. There were a dizzying array of versions of the set: cd/vinyl/boxset and several "retailer-specific" versions that added unique tracks. The deluxe boxset was supposedly going to be super-limited, and it was something like $200, with 4lps (colored vinyl), 3cds (gathering ALL the tracks), 2dvds, a Hofner usb, a book, prints, etc...

    I was tempted but passed at the time. Well, over the past couple months I've noticed some ebay sellers with new copies of this for less than half the original price. Here's one for £49 ($64) + shipping: The Art Of Mccartney - BOX SET APDELU1402 5060186924151 | eBay . There are a handful of vendors selling it heavily discounted, though shipping charges vary quite a bit (and, if shipping internationally, that can be significant).

    Anyway, I kept waiting for one of those ebay discount days, where you get 10-20% off your order, figuring I'd take advantage, but they haven't had one yet in 2019 to my knowledge. Anyway, I was about to purchase the above-linked item, when I did one final internet search on the item. Found it here: The Art Of Mccartney - BOX SET APDELU1402

    It's actually the same store as the ebay link, but their store gave me a much more generous shipping charge (£8.3 vs £22) than ebay, and it also hacked off VAT (which probably would've stayed had I purchased via ebay). Anyway, total cost: $64, including shipping, less than one third of what they wanted for it retail. At THAT price, it looks like a nice set to have on the shelf...

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    Get_importCDs is back with their 20% off orders $75 and over on select vinyl and CDs.
    I think there's been discussion here regarding whether they've jacked their prices to the degree that this doesn't really represent much of a "deal".
    So by all means, please post items that you've researched and really do represent good values!
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    3 Disc Dead show '89 for $12 shipped. I was skeptical and thought perhaps I was purchasing a boot, but figured what the hell let's try it. And it came, and in no way, shape, or form seems bootleggish. I guess this is one show from a release that was originally sold as a 2 show box... not sure how it got separated and they ended up with such a huge supply... but $12 for an official GD release is stellar.
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    Thx, just snagged the last one!
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    Of course ImportCDs on eBay does not have their 20% off sale happening today. Sheesh.
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    i know, what a bummer. and their current "7% off 3 or more box sets" is ridiculous.
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    I've been sitting on eBay gift cards waiting to do an importcds coupon stack. What a disappointment importcds. They lost at least $150 from me... I didn't even bother ordering anything.
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    Yes, it was an epic failure on their timing.
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    ImportCDs had a deal for buy 1, get 2 at 15% off, so I ordered 6 CDs. I had a lot more than that in my cart waiting for the combination of eBay coupon and their 20% off sale.
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    Even at 15% off it was hard to find anything worth buying. Ebay has become a paradise for hopeful fleecers.
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    Agree to disagree. There is always something for me to use these rebates on that I need or want, sometimes music-related, sometimes not.
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    There were a bunch of restrictions on the 15% off deal as well which made it even harder to use.

    If I spent all day searching, I’m sure I could find something - after doing the math - which would be worth it. But my time is worth something too.
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    Oh yeah. I'm with you 100%. That's why I use the watch list. I do the same thing with Amazon, for instance. If something piques my interest (even slightly), I set it aside. In situations like these, I just have to go through my list which only takes a minute or two.
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    The problem is I just can’t find much anymore to add to my watch list or cart. It just takes too much time to sift through the stuff that’s all overpriced to find anything worthwhile.

    Ebay isn’t offering these discounts out of the goodness of their heart. They know they’ve got a problem.
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