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    That's not the problem. It's WaxTime. Yuck. Good price but I'd never buy anything from WT.
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    I think this qualifies as a good deal on eBay.

    Our friends at Freakbeat (most excellent LA-area record store) are selling a brand new album by none other than DRAMARAMA.

    DRAMARAMA Color TV SEALED (CD 2020 Pasadena) John Easdale 1st NEW CD in 15 years | eBay

    $12.99 shipped. I ordered one on Friday and got it today. What a pleasant surprise that I didn't see coming, the first album in 15 years by the band which brought us the seminal Anything, Anything (I'll Give You). Frankly, these guys have never made a stinker album and always put on a blistering live set.

    Spinning this new album for the first time right now. Stone cold classic Dramarama. I'm going to love this album all summer long and beyond. There are three songs (Swamp Song, What's Your Sign & It's Only Money) which are rescued from a rare John Easdale solo CD that saw no wide release (an early version of his Bright Side solo album with a markedly different track listing). Sounds like new recordings to me. All terrific songs, glad to see them get the attention they deserve. I cannot believe how excellent John's voice is. Tell me these songs were recorded in 1989 and I'd totally believe you.

    These days, no band is going to sell tons of albums but $12.99 shipped is a small price to pay to throw Freakbeat a solid and support a band that hasn't missed a beat in 35+ years, not to mention having provided us with a consistent contender in KROQ's top songs of all time.

    Dramarama ‎– Color TV
    Pasadena Records (2) ‎– PR-20-001
    CD, Album
    01 May 2020
    Alternative Rock
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    There is another copy of this long OOP CD for sale that does not come up very often. The price is higher but it is still about the same as the retail price and the shipping is free. The condition of the CD is very good and it has the two bonus tracks:

    SILVER APPLES The Garden (CD) ("lost" 3rd album + 2 bonus tracks) | eBay
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