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Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by kwadguy, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. moomoomoomoo

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    This is hhe first time I've ever had this issue also.

    "Due to a heavy call volume, we have NO telephone representatives to help you. Please use our website". (Slight paraphrase.) They then offered 3 options that were clearly stated as computer automation, & made it clear they did not have ANY staff to answer ANY calls.

    Translation: We didn't hire enough people to deal with Covid. I have the "secret" seller's phone number & the public phone #. Same tape recording on both.
  2. Classic Car Guy

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    If I was looking for a paper clip / paper weight. Id go there. Otherwise I wont buy anything there. Totally un American.
    The only surprise I got was a jack in the box and a lot more waiting. Never again.
  3. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member

    Adding sales tax & moving CS to Asia did not help at all; though the same could be said about Amazon.
  4. SJP

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    Companies don’t add sales tax, governments do.
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  5. moomoomoomoo

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    When it comes to the internet, that is partially true. Amazon had no choice; ebay had a little choice. Smaller companies do have a choice; there is a minimum $ sold in a given state that triggers the new law ($100k? I don't remember the exact amount).. Some companies are choosing to charge the tax who aren't hitting the minimum. Obviously ebay's combined sellers & Amazon both are.

    I'm pretty sure that Acoustic Sounds is not selling $100k in the state I live in.
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    Ooops, I'm sorry.

    I thought I stepped into the "Good deals on eBay" thread.

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  7. moomoomoomoo

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    Sorry for the rants, but this is so bad I would be laughing if it wasn't me that got hit.

    There aren't any good deals if we just get ripped off by the seller!
  8. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member

    Finally got my refund. This sort of thing does not help ebay's trust level.
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  9. SJP

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    What seems obvious to you and everyone else still needs to be run through processes by eBay & PayPal as businesses. You were made whole, it looks as if things worked as they are designed.
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  10. moomoomoomoo

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    Ebay & Pay Pal's processes (I tend to blame ebay) sure take a lot longer than Amazon's!
  11. GentleSenator

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    because ebay and paypal are the middle men.
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  12. marcb

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    As is Amazon in many cases. They just take a different approach to being a middle man.
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  13. slopduck

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    I got a random targeted $5 off $5.01 purchase code today. I was on my eBay app and it just showed up as a banner when I clicked into an item I was searching for. Might be worth checking to see if shows up for others.
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  15. DapperGentleman

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    Thanks for this! The same guy is offering the Craft release of 'Chet' as well for the same price. Chet Stereo Chet Baker Riverside New Vinyl Read | eBay

    Discogs reviews are running hot-and-cold on this one. Here's what one positive Discogs reviewer said about 'Chet': "Wow, Craft Recordings really nailed this as well as the other Chet Baker/Riverside series. This record (as well as the other 3 I got) are all flat, quiet and sound amazing. Not to mention beautifully made tip-on sleeve (and Mo-Fi style inner sleeves!). So shocking to see an ACTUAL outer sleeve that is sturdy and functional. And all this for $25. If they continue making jazz records like this, my bank account will suffer."
  16. topekatj

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    NorCal, Bay Area
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  17. DapperGentleman

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  18. DapperGentleman

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    Shoot! Someone bought this? I wrote to the seller and he wrote right back. Records are fine, that's a flash reflection on his photograph.

    Enjoy, whoever beat me!
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  19. Myke

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    get_importcds / Vinyl Boxes 10% off 2

    Deja Vu - ( 1 record / 4 CDs ) -- $71.86
    Crossroads Guitar Festival Revisited (6 records )- - $75.81

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  20. topekatj

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    NorCal, Bay Area
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  22. DLD

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    Just received a copy of the deluxe Way Down in the Rust Bucket box set (LP/CD/DVD) from this seller (link below). I paid $65 but his asking price is now down to $60, and offers are an option (i offered $65 when he was asking $70, so YMMV).

    Arrived in good condition in a lot of bubble wrap and a makeshift box made from an old walmart box. Shrink had a very small tear and the hype sticker was a bit wrinkled. But otherwise a nice new set for a nice price!

    Neil Young Crazy Horse~Way Down in the Rust Bucket~Factory Sealed Deluxe Box Set 93624888178 | eBay
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  24. kenbefound

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    Thanks for the heads up! I offered the seller $50 and was accepted.
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