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    Bach for people with limited budget: there's also Sony's "Meisterwerke" 33 disc set for €32, or Brilliant Classics' "Complete Edition" 142 disc set for €74
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    On the Rolling Stones - Honk (Japanese 3cd version) is still 5.99 euro.,aps,141&sr=8-1

    The third disc is a special live disc.

    1. Get Off Of My Cloud (Live At Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales / 15.6.18)
    2. Dancing With Mr. D (Live At The Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands / 15.10.17)
    3. Beast Of Burden (Live At Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas / 27/6/15)
    4. She's A Rainbow (Live At U Arena, Paris / 25.10.17)
    5. Wild Horses (Live At London Stadium / 22.5.18)
    6. Let's Spend The Night Together (Live At Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester / 5.6.18)
    7. Dead Flowers (Live At Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia / 18/6/13)
    8. Shine A Light (Live At ArenA, Amsterdam / 30.9.17)
    9. Under My Thumb (Live At London Stadium / 22.5.18)
    10. Bitch (Live At The Honda Center, Anaheim / 18/5/13)
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    reading pa usa
    How do you know it's the Japanese version? I dont see any indication that it is...hopefully it is because I ordered it.
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  4. mestreech

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    I don't for sure but on the left sides on the page there are 3 pictures of the box itself and one has Japanese writing on it.
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    I do not think it is the japanese.

    Little trick I have learnt with time:
    If you substitute the ".de" from any amazon website link with ".jp" you can validate your assumptions on the japanese version

    This is because the Japanese website expose the Jan Code which is the EAN code.
    For this item it reads JAN: 0602577318801
    Which apparently is not the Japanese version according to Discogs.

    More to the the point. The Japanese version's Ean should be, according to Discogs, 4988031328194
    If you use it to search amazon you get this version
    Which comes at 60€ something.

    Let us know what you receive to double check this 'method'.

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    Came out to US$9.68 total for me. I ordered it. Thanks.
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    I will.
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    To our German readers. Is there any chance this year for the famous 3 for the price of 2 by Mediamarkt / Saturn / ??
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    I got one delivered yesterday. It's NOT the Japanese version, just the regular EU discs.
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    There's no difference in the track listing.
  11. imarcq

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    But imagine my disappointment when I realised it wasn't sung in Japanese! :(
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    It was substantially less than the current 3xCD version on
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    NorCal, Bay Area
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    United Kingdom
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