Good record stores in Ontario, West Covina Cali area?

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by JerryC, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. JerryC

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    Central Louisiana
    I happen to be working in the Ontario, Chino, West Covina area east of L.A. this week and weekend, and would like to check out a couple of good used LP stores while I'm out here. Welcoming any suggestions from locals! Anybody?
  2. SixOClockBoos

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    I know of two I went to in the area one day last year. I haven't been back to any of them since because I don't normally go there too often anymore since my grandma passed.
    Kaos Records in West Covina
    Rhino Records in Claremont

    Rhino is the better of the two IMO. I was specifically on the lookout for 7" records and the Kaos store didn't have any out because the guy was waiting on a pricing gun to come in. Rhino has a good selection of LP's, but the whole place felt a little bare for the big space the store has. If you're willing to drive an additional 30 or so minutes to the LA area, you'd find a lot more record stores.
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    Rhino is a bit closer to me than Amoeba in Los Angeles. Both are among my favorite record stores and generally speaking, it can be hard to leave either one without spending $100. I find that prices are generally better at Rhino when compared with Amoeba.

    Kaos, been there once and left empty handed.

    I believe Penny Lane has opened up a legitimate storefront (rather than operating out of the back end of a warehouse of some sort. Been there a handful of times in their warehouse days, always found plenty to keep me busy but usually heavy on catalogue items.

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